Reichhardt GmbH
Hofgut Ringelshausen,
35410 Hungen, Germany

Tel. +49 6043 9645-0
Fax +49 6043 4365



We take your Idea to Series Production

You know your practical requirements and you are looking for improvements and new features? Then we are your partner. Together we define your goal. Your specifications determine the next steps.

Analysis & Project Development

Our Service Range in Development of suitable Hardware includes:

  • Circuit and layout design
  • Intelligent control systems based on µC systems
  • Operating and display systems with keypad or touch panel
  • Power electronics
  • Cable harnesses for mobile vehicles

The service scope includes assembly and initial commissioning of experimental prototypes, measurements and testing during development, as well as validation and certification of hardware. Subsequently we ensure the transfer of the product to series production.

Our Services in Software Development cover:

  • Analysis and modeling of system requirements
  • Design of modular architectures
  • Real-time embedded software

Supporting measures for quality assurance, error management, version and modification management, as well as the support of EOL tests through suitable checking routines are essential parts of our service scope.

Series Production

We deliver your single-source system solution. Our products enter series production as a complete package. The batch volume is uniquely adapted to your industry and demand. Prototypes can be built on short notice.

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