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Holmer TVWA

A powerful system vehicle which represents a new economic concept for agriculture.

The functionality which we enabled:

  • Headland control
  • All-wheel steering via joystick, turn steer and crab steering
  • Powershift transmission by Funk with transmission controller including: configurable switching table, automatic shifting, speed control, adjustable engine speed upper limit, very fast direction change, safety functions for avoidance of unintentional start-up
  • Optional Ultra Guidance PSR Sky steering system
  • Controlled rear hydraulic plugs for engine and cylinders
  • Engine speed compensated axial piston hydraulic pump
  • Automatic recognition of the used upper part - automatic configuration of the operating elements
  • Electric diagnosis of all inputs and outputs through an inspection programm, even for inputs and outputs of third party controllers
  • Detection of cable breaks and short circuits
  • Warnings for measured quantities like pressure, position, temperature, etc.
  • Feature to cross all inputs for simulations - no machine breakdown due to broken sensors
  • Engine and transmission diagnosis via J1939
  • Automatic central lubrication
  • A single software for all equipment variants
  • Multiple temperature regulated oil circuits with automatic reversion

We deliver controller, operating terminal, inputs and outputs including the cabling and software directly into the production line of the manufacturer.

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