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JLG Telescopic Handler

It is simply impressive how easily this telescopic handler can lift and load materials.

The functionality we enabled:

  • Driving direction, engine speed and temperature control
  • Control of the automatic transmission disengagement
  • Start inhibitor with a driver's code
  • Switchung between and control of driving modes, front wheel, four wheel and crab steering
  • Management and control of all hydraulic sections and automatic level compensation of the vehicle's cabin
  • Complete security-related platform control through an additional platform joystick
  • Angle detection and automatic end position damping of the lifting arm
  • Monitoring functions for overload and pressure on the support bracket
  • CAN-Bus communication between job controller and display
  • Visualization of operation conditions, errors etc. on the display's main menu and language settings (11 languages)
  • Service interval display, error and service memory
  • Clearly structured menu, complete vehicle diagnosis and diagnosis menu, vehicle type management, parameterization options through the menu
  • menu-guided hardware exchange without data loss
  • end of line programming and parameterization

We deliver central electronics and the complete cabeling directly in the production line of the manufacturer.

Further information about the vehicle can be found at

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