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PSR SLIDE – the new implement steering by Reichhardt

Hungen, 3rd of September 2014

Real profit for daily usage for organic farms and specialty crops

Hungen/Germany: The new PSR SLIDE by Reichhardt is a sliding frame which guides the implement with very high accuracy. RTK or ultrasonic are the options for autosteering. While RTK has its benefit especially in building dams, the ultrasonic sensors keep the implement on track precisely while scanning plants and dams. Via the hydraulic side-shift the PSR SLIDE guides the implement with an accuracy of < 2 cm. Once more Reichhardt show their competence in automatic steering of vehicles and implements and provide real profit for daily usage to organic farmers and specialty crops.

Till now organic farmers and farms with specialty crops made little use of high precise automatic vehicle steering. Reasons are the smaller fields, differences in machines and very low speed, just to mention a few. PSR SLIDE will help them. Tests in onions and spinach have demonstrated, that the performance increases a lot, if the working width is increased and the working speed is almost tripled by the aid of PSR SLIDE. The success in weed controls does not change, however the damages in the fields become much less.

But also in conventional farming in hilly terrain the farmer knows, that the implement does not always follow exact the track of the tractor. The sliding frame PSR SLIDE, which is mounted between tractor and implement, equalizes the drift by the aid of the hydraulic side-shift and keeps the implement on track precisely. Especially in row crops the automatic steering via ultrasonic sensors has shown its benefits. The name for this is PSR SLIDE SONIC. In case GPS-steering is a better solution, because e.g. asparagus dams are built for the very first time, PSR SLIDE RTK is recommended.

Reichhardt is specialist for automatic steering by the aid of GPS and sensors. Steering systems by Reichhardt are not focused to any specific vehicle brand and ISO compatible.

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