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Innovations at Agritechnica 2015

Hungen, 9th September 2015

Reichhardt focuses on three core areas and even more customer benefits


Hungen: At this year’s Agritechnica, Reichhardt GmbH Steuerungstechnik places its focus on three key areas:

  • Smart Farming with user-friendly and environmentally friendly applications
  • ISOBUS for greater flexibility in the agricultural life
  • OEM-solutions with 30 years of experience, integrating control functions from a single source

The innovations at Agritechnica 2015 reflect these core areas and demonstrate the concern of the Hessian electronics company on Hofgut Ringelshausen to give the farmer reliable after-sales products, which can easily be integrated into their daily lives. At the same time the demand of the manufacturers will continue to integrate sophisticated concepts with individual software, as well as hardware. This results in products that benefit the customer with enhanced productivity:




The ISO FLEX MODULE by Reichhardt brings more ISOBUS flexibility in the after-sales area – retrofittable by the user at any time. This makes it possible to use tablets, smartphones, laptops and other display devices instead of conventional ISO-VTs. The integrated wireless connectivity also allows data management.

  • SERVUS – the new service advisor app

SERVUS is a service advisor application for users who utilize the ISO FLEX MODULE by Reichhardt – after approval by the user, farm managers and service professionals can see the user’s screen on their internet browser in real-time, can provide online advice for operation and can read along simultaneously. For safety reasons, due to actions which are implemented by the user, the interaction with machine functions, e. g. troubleshooting, only takes place on the machine.


RATE VIEW is the Reichhardt app for optimal application of seeds, fertilizers and crop protection for devices without the Variable Rate function. The farmer imports the application map on to his smartphone or tablet, and depending on his current position, the amount of product, which is to be set manually, will be displayed.

  • RTK CLUE with new web portal and improved RTK CLUE Manager

RTK CLUE - the key to cost-effective corrections is achieved with the new RTK CLUE Manager, which is integrated into a new web portal, and offers enhanced functionalities for operators of RTK CLUE Clusters, as well as for their users.



  • We make big things move

Under this slogan Reichhardt advertises not only for highly skilled employees, but it is the heart of all of the company's activities. For 30 years, well-known manufacturers of agricultural machinery, construction machinery and the municipal sector rely on the developer expertise Hofgut Ringelshausen in the district of Gießen offers.These include the enthusiasm for mobile machinery and the drive for continuous improvements in terms of changing technologies. Sophisticated custom electronic solutions with operating concepts from a single source - that's the goal, which Reichhardt has prescribed in the OEM sector.

  • ISO FLEX MODULE in the OEM sector

The ISO FLEX MODULE by Reichhardt brings more ISOBUS flexibility. Also, if the ISO FLEX MODULE is already integrated by the OEM partner, additional flexibility can be achieved for the machine specific fieldbus. Besides the use of any device instead of conventional ISO-VTs, an ISOBUS Object Pool applies the ISOBUS graphics for more appealing user interfaces.


Reichhardt presents its innovations at Agritechnica in Hall 15 G 10 and Systems & Components in Hall 16 F. 13

The complete Press Release can be downloaded here.

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