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ISO compatible Steering Assistant System PSR ISO RDU2

PSR ISO RDU2 is a steering assistant that provides precise guidance, cost savings and reduced fatigue on any tractor, combine harvester and field chopper. It is possible to use one steering wheel motor for multiple vehicles. The solution is easily moved from one machine to another.

Quick Switching between multiple Vehicles

It is easy to mount the PSR ISO RDU2 on a vehicle. The steering controller and steering motor are mounted in the cabin. A sprocket wheel is bolted to the steering wheel. A universal or vehicle-specific bracket is mounted onto the steering column. An easy to use closing mechanism attaches the steering motor securely to the steering wheel. The basic kit is complemented by an ISOBUS operator terminal and a GPS system. Of course you can use your existing GPS receiver or ISOBUS terminals.

Improved Performance due to Sensors

The PSR ISO RDU2 by Reichhardt can also use ultrasound or tactile sensors for vehicle guidance by following the row in place of GPS. With the ultrasound solution the sensors scan the crop rows, tramlines, crop edges, ridges and swaths for the highest steering accuracy. It offers benefits particularly for special crops. Alternatively, tactile sensors guide from the  plant in row crops (e. g. corn) to control the vehicle with maximum precision.  

Central Intelligence

The platform kit PSR ISO RDU2 consists of the PSR iBox-LT 6D with an integrated gyroscope and tilt sensor, the steering motor RDU2, its bracket and the PSR harness. For optimal results a wheel angle sensor is recommended.

A Solution for the whole Year

Thanks to its universal application PSR ISO RDU2 is the optimum solution for the entire growing season.


  • Quick switching between vehicles due to an easy to use closing mechanism
  • Precise driving to the next pass
  • Suitable for multiple vehicles
  • Cost and resource savings
  • Improved monitoring of the work flows
  • Reduced driver fatigue
  • Compatible with GPS, ultrasound and tactile sensor

Practical Benefits

Year-round use for all crops and applications.

Please address your questions to or to your closest distributor.

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