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PSR ISO TOP – Automatic steering system with clever options

The automatic steering system PSR ISO TOP scores with a brilliant performance. Furthermore, it declares data exchange of field data with the farm PC to be standard. With the new smart options Reichhardt demonstrates his understanding of the needs of today's farmers. With that Reichhardt offers the indiviudal farmer a real FarmSOLUTION - a whole package of services for vehicles that are preliminary set up for ISOBUS compatible automatic steering systems.


With PSR ISO TOP an automatic steering system is offered which farmers can extend at anytime with a variety of apps. Already included is the data exchange with the farm PC and field data. In order to allow an ease of use there is a selection of four different Reichhardt ISO-VT's available including two touchscreen options.

Clever with Add-Ons:

  • FIELD-Nav: Navigation to the field
  • SECTION-Control: Automatic start and stop of sections
  • FarmOnline: FleetManagement on
  • Camera

PSR ISO TOP in Krone BiG X tested by DLG-FokusTest

The DLG FokusTest of "Automatic Steering Systems" includes testing the accuracy and operation of PSR ISO TOP in agricultural vehicles. Here you find the test report.

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