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Designed and built for rough environmental Conditions

The increasingly powerful machines in agriculture are often only used for a few days per year. In case of downtimes, high costs are caused, because an expensive downstreamed supply chain has to be activated.

Customer Orientation as a Basis

Therefore, when selecting suitable hardware, the robustness, which is essential for the mobile use through weather conditions, large temperature differences and mechanic exposure, plays a key role.

More Safety through Quality Management

The components, which are developped and produced at Reichhardt, underlie our quality management in documented processes. Customer-oriented and cost-oriented production, immediate error elimination and continuous improvement are the standards, according to which our employees orientate themselves.

Product Overview

            esm_mit kabel

          dsm_mit pfeil

eControl ESM & DSM

Single and double switch modules
based on ITT-INC technology

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eControl ESM & DSM

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    itt aj3 vorne

eControl AJ3

Unique joystick based on ITT-INC technology

Product information eControl AJ3

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eControl AR5

Analog rocker switch based on ITT-INC technology

Product information eControl AR5

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eControl MFG

Different multifunctional grips based on ITT-INC technology

Product information 
eControl MFG

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Unique joystick based on ITT-INC technology
 with 2 grip variations 

Product information BT-CJ3

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Unique control panel with 6 functional keys and 2 incremental encoder

Product information BT-INC

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Display control unit with 2 functional keys and a incremental encoder

Product information BT-DCU

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Unique control panel with 9 functional keys incremental encoder with touch function

Product information BT-HH

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Mini joystick module with 10 functional keys, a pontiometer and two joysticks

Product information BT-Joy

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Unique control panel with 6 functional keys and status LEDs

Product information BT-TAC6

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Unique control panel with 8 functional keys and status LEDs

Product information BT-TAC8

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Control unit for multiple linked tasks in real time

Product information ESR-LK2

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iBox MC

Control unit with 6D system for vehicles and machines with CAN Bus

Product information iBox MC

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Virtual CAN BOX - interface converter for CAN and machine information 

Product information VCAN

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