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ROPA Beet Loading Machine (Euro-Maus)

The gentle pick-up and intensive cleaning increase the beets quality.

The functionality which we enabled:

  • The control of hydraulic drives; we especially optimised the hydrostatic drive concerning maximum effeciency
  • Controller-based Steering facilitates difficult turning maneuvers
  • In case of errors at the machine, an electronic diagnosis tool allows to detect the problem at the driver's seat

RABS - Beet Removal system

The optionally available voucher-free beet removal system RABS is operated by the usage of the standard operating terminal. Thus, additional view tampering display or control units are not needed. RABS is a cost-efficient and at the same time user-friendly alternative to comparable systems. Delivery orders are easily prepared with a minimum of touches and clicks on the operating terminal. The electronically produced delivery orders can be transferred wirelessly to a transponder (e.g. the Südzucker system) or they can be saved with a writer/reader on a data key. With the delivery they arrive at the sugar factory to be electronically registered at the weighing machine at the entrance.

We deliver cable harness, central electronics, control units, input and output modules, operating terminal and additional operating units directly in the production line of the manufacturer.

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