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SMART COMMAND - the brand new Smart-Farming-App

Reichhardt News for Agritechnica 2019

Hungen, 19th August 2019

Hungen: With SMART COMMAND the Reichhardt Company will present at Agritechnica 2019 the brand new app for smart farming applications via mobile consumer devices. The app, which includes an automatic steering system, is operated intuitively and there are no strict procedures to follow. The communication with the vehicle is made via WiFi and is ISO compatible. The gap between controlling and administrating the machine now closes and smart farming is integrated in the farmer’s daily business.

Reichhardt Agritechnica 2019, Hall 15 F44

The new SMART COMMAND App by Reichhardt contains three features for Precision Farming as well as another four ISOBUS features, among them Section Control and Variable Rate Control. The ISO FLEX TC module sets up the wireless connection to the ISOBUS, handles the translation to mobile reception and WIFI as well as the licence management. Android and Windows based consumer devices are utilized as common ISO VT. The intuitive operation follows the familiar samples in the handling of mobile consumer devices. Working steps can be started when needed (ad hoc), working times, application rates and the kind of work are documented on the  mobile devices. The data exchange with the farm PC as well as the technical support in a service case are made online. Vehicles and implements are integrated in the demands of modern farm management independent of  brands. This saves expensive investments in new machines and makes the farm fit for farming 4.0.

The broad automatic documentation on the tablet and the smartphone together with the online connection to the farm PC makes the effort for administration much easier and eventually necessary work can be done anytime. 

The user benefits from SMART COMMAND because mobile consumer devices are constantly being developed and thus new apps are continously available. The farmer always has an eye on the whole farm while sitting in the vehicle, e.g. the weather forecast next to the camera of the feed lot.

SMART COMMAND does not necessarily need an online connection, as the data is saved on the consumer device. The current update for the new SMART COMMAND App by Reichhardt is available for download anytime.

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