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Special Crops

Automatic steering systems are common in modern agriculture. Despite this, implements used in viniculture or in growing special crops require too many demands for most aftermarket technology products. Today PSR steering systems by Reichhardt meets these challenges with a universal, ISO compatible solution.

Universal in special crops

Increased benefits are possible when combining satellite (GNSS) and sensor guidance in one system. Different stages of growth, cut forms and widths of vine rows together with the need for very low speed require the accuracy and flexibility available in the PSR system. Inconsistent canopy growth and gaps in vines do not compromise guidance accuracy and quality of work.

Concentrate on the implement

PSR steering system by Reichhardt relieves the strain of long working hours by providing an ease of operation with high accuracy. Concentration on the implements that can be difficult to watch is now possible. In addition the ability to document work functions and important data is more efficient.

Smarter in vine and field

PSR steering systems offer flexibility allowing use beyond the vineyard tractor. Components can be used for other machines and operations saving money and time.



  • PSR SKY: Using GNSS-signals for guidance. Multiple kinds of accuracied are possible.
  • PSR SONIC: Guidance by the aid of sonic. Accuracy about 3 cm.
  • Different ways of implementation: Hydraulic, electric, ISOBUS
  • Possible speeds: starting at 30 m/h (SuperLowSpeed)


  • Well-established modular systems unsing GNSS, sonic or combinations
  • Documentation becomes possible
  • Very low speed is possible
  • Flexible use in different stages of growth, cut forms and withs of rows
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