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Estate Ringelshausen


  • Headquarter of the Reichhardt-Group

  • Reichhardt Turf Production and Sales

  • Farming under a modern management

  • More than 750 years of history at the Ringelshausen estate


First mention in 1242
The foundation of the property Ringelshausen dates from the Hessian, Frankish ancient nobility. The peer Ringold or Richolf settled here and the estate was a free nobility manor.

Monastery property of the Antoniters
In the middle of the 15th century the church gained influence. After the landgrave Philipp the Noble of Hesse introduced reformation, his county was extended by the monastery property of the Antoniters in the course of secularization.

University yard
In 1540 the estate Ringelshausen was handed over to the University of Marburg.

Thirty Years' War
Historians report that "not even a flock of sheep could get enough food from the ravaged lea". Resort came with Wendelin Reichhardt. Until the middle of the 19th century, the families Stegk, Reichhardt and Waldschmidt lived on the property.

Public domain
In 1813 the estate was separated from the University of Marburg and the possession of the property was transferred to the Prince Solms Braunfels.

The mayor of Rabertshausen takes over
In 1930 Karl Reichhardt acquired the estate.

Irmgard Reichhardt (1935 - 1994) - german farmer and politician

After her marriage with Arnold Reichhardt, the hessian state minister for agriculture, forests and nature protection lived at the Ringelshausen estate untill her death.

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