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ULTRA GUIDANCE PSR ISO – ISOBUS compatible automatic steering system

Today an increasing number of new vehicles is auto-steer ready for an ISO compatible automatic steering system. Commonly an ISO-VT is provided as well.

The User determines his Automatic Steering System

Independent of the vehicle brand ULTRA GUIDANCE PSR ISO can be integrated plug & go into auto-steer ready vehicles. It is no longer necessary to perform complicate hydraulic installation works. The automatic steering system is easily operated via an ISO-VT in the cab or any other VT.  The user determines his automatic steering system according to his unique requirements.

One Steering System for multiple Steering Modes

In combined application of GPS and sensors ULTRA GUIDANCE PSR ISO demonstrates its full benefits. Through using sensors like the patented tactile sensor or ultra sound sensors the vehicle is held in line with maximum accuracy when guidelines are provided. After finishing a row the PSR automatically transitions to GPS in the headland to guide the next pull in. The result is a higher reliability combined with more precision.

GPS is used whenever applications require it or if no guidelines are available on the field. We supply a range of GPS-modules from EGNOS-enabled receivers up to high-precision RTK solutions. Tramlines, rows, plots, mounds, hills, berms, marker tracks, edges and others are guidelines for the PSR guidance systems and can be used via ultrasound or tactile sensors for high accuracy. The vehicle or implement is then precisely guided down the row.

Ease of Use via ISO-VT

  • Larger screen
  • Convenient operation via soft keys or touch
  • Different applications are parallely shown on the same screen (depending on the used ISO-VT) 
  • Shared usage of components (e.g. fertilization sprayer) by the automatic steering system and implements (e.g. GPS system, ISOBUS terminal, etc.)



  • Quick and easy to install - Plug & Go
  • PSR SKY (GNSS), PSR SONIC (ultrasound) and PSR TAC (flexible tactile sensor) for optimal track detection
  • Automatic steering system is independent from vehicle brand
  • Investment in a modern technology standard
  • Optional integration of existing steering aids and GPS systems

By choosing ULTRA GUIDANCE PSR ISO you invest in an extremely economic auto-steer solution with multiple Unique Selling Features.

Please address your questions to or to your closest distributor.

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