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PSR TAC – Steering via flexible tactile sensor

PSR TAC is the steering mode which fits best to steer a vehicle with highest accuracy. Unique wearresistant synthetic feelers touch with care and precision plants in closed plant rows.


  • Highest accuracy in row crops and permanent crops
  • Optimal completion for retrofit corn heads
  • Works reliably even in down corn
  • Durable, low wear, robust tactile sensor
  • resistant to clogging
  • independent from any weather condition

PSR MEC – Guidance by the aid of a mechanical row finder

The mechanical row finder guides the vehicle precisely down the row. Thereby even in nearly closed row crops a high accuracy can be achieved. 

  • Highest accuracy in row crops and permanent crops
  • Perfect for lettuce and vegetable complete harvesters
  • For row crops with narrow rows
  • Is used where SONIC and TAC cannot achieve highly precise results
  • Protects plants and prevents crop damage

Sensors in combined application with GNSS

Ultra Guidance PSR shows its biggest benefits in the combined application of GNSS and sensors. The sensor steers the vehicle with highest accuray along the row. It is no longer necessary to count the rows when turning to the next path. GNSS does this for you. Thus you have more reliability combined with higher accuracy.

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