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ISO GUIDE – The allrounder among the steering aids

Throughout the whole season it is a demand to save time and expenses by an improved path-topath accuracy. Requested is an effective and preferably ISO compatible steering aid, which can be mounted quickly in any vehicle. The best solution: ISO GUIDE by Reichhardt.

Increases production and performance

With ISO GUIDE smart farmers get an allrounder among the steering aids: Highest precision and efficiency.

In addition optional cameras and wireless camera systems can be plugged in to allow monitoring of processes. 

The lower part of the screen shows the vehicle with its guide line. In the upper part the header is located with different options. The direction instructions can be displayed with a on screen light bar or as a text. In addition, arrows on the screen are illustrating the steering direction and the deviation's strength.

Economizing operating resources and fuel

Operating data can be saved on a USB flash drive, which can be plugged into the Reichhardt Terminals. 

Furthermore, there is a variety of apps available including Section Control, PSR ISO TOP, Task Manager as well as others which are all preinstalled for a limited testing period and which afterwards can be activated. separately. Additional hardware may be needed for some of the apps.


  • Easily mounted for a quick start
  • Less overlaps and less skips
  • Customizable through apps
  • Supporting work at night and at periods of poor visibility
  • Modular design to simplify adjustments and add-ons
  • Upgradable to an automatic steering system
  • Precise measurement of fields

Practical Utility:

  • For all applications
  • Documentation 

Your questions can be answered by contacting us via or by addressing those to your sales partner near by.

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