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Reichhardt GmbH Steuerungstechnik
Hofgut Ringelshausen, 35410 Hungen

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OEM Solutions Provider

Reichhardt meets OEM challenges with unique solutions.   Engineering and in the field experience create real world success.

Automatic Steering Systems Keep You on Track

Automatic steering systems are becoming increasingly important to machine manufacturers. For integrated tailor-made solutions we are the OEM's first choice. The advantage in working with Reichhardt lies in the fact that with our knowledge, comprehensive solutions are created. Our specialists adapt a system for the desired application by using hydraulics, electronics and software. Manufacturers and users benefit from the unique collaboration of our team's experience.

In the showcase

Hagie Manufacturing Company

Manufacturer of the STS series of self propelled agricultural sprayers and 204SP detasselers.

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Oxbo International Corporation

Worldwide leader in specialty harvesters.

Find out more about 'Steer by Stalk'

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Miller St. Nazianz, Inc.

Produces application equipment products including the Nitro family of self-propelled front-boom sprayers and Condor mechanical drive sprayers.

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MBW produces the ProTrakker hydraulic hitch for implement guidance.

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