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The new GREEN FIT interface from Reichhardt provides growers the ability to use an AutoTracTM guidance system with a variety of equipment brands. 

Your Equipment, Your Choice 
GREEN FIT is for growers who want to use the AutoTracTM guidance system on the equipment brand of their choice. GREEN FIT is an interface that utilizes the same monitor and user interface that users of the AutoTracTM guidance system want. The GREEN FIT interface eliminates the burden of learning and converting to a new steering system when buying another equipment brand.

Authorized Interface
GREEN FIT is authorized by John Deere and equipment manufacturers as a navigation interface that utilizes the AutoTracTM guidance system and OEM guidance ready components to steer qualifying vehicles.

Accepted Standards
GREEN FIT fulfills John Deere’s quality and engineering standards while maintaining vehicle safety, warranty and functionality.

Required John Deere Components 

  • StarFireTM Receiver 3000/6000
  • GreenStarTM Display 2630/4640 with AutoTracTM Activation

GREEN FIT Components by Reichhardt 

  • GREEN FIT controller and main harness
  • Vehicle specific harnessing and hardware


  • Provides AutoTracTM guidance system functionality on a variety of qualifying vehicles
  • Fulfills John Deere’s quality and engineering standards
  • Maintains vehicle safety, warranty and functionality
  • Easy installation

Qualifying Vehicles 
Kits are for factory auto-steer ready equipment using existing guidance components.

Released Kits:

  • AGCO IDEAL Combines
  • AGCO WR97/9800 Series Windrowers
  • AGCO WR9900 Series Windrowers
  • Case Flagship AccuGuide Ready Combines
  • Challenger 500/600 C/D/E Tractors
  • Challenger 700-CVT Series Tractors
  • Challenger 700/800 A-E Series Tractors
  • Challenger 900 C/E Tractors
  • Challenger 1000 Series Tractors
  • CLAAS Jaguar 497+ Forage Harvesters
  • CLAAS Lexion 700 Series Combines
  • Fendt 5/7/8/900 COM4 Profi Plus Tractors
  • Fendt 1000 Series Tractors
  • Gleaner S9 Series Combines
  • Kubota M7 Series Tractors
  • Kubota M8 Series Tractors
  • Massey Ferguson 7xxx/8xxx Tractors
  • Massey Ferguson 77xx/87xx S Tractors
  • New Holland IntelliSteer Ready Combines
  • Versatile 4WD/DT Tractors
  • Versatile MFWD Tractors
  • Versatile Nemesis Tractors

Controlled Release Kits:

  • Challenger 2011+ AGR Combines
  • Gleaner S7/S8 Series Combines
  • Krone BiG M 420
  • Krone BiG M 450
  • Massey Ferguson 2011+ AGR Combines
  • RoGator C-Series Sprayers

Contact Reichhardt for additional qualifying vehicle makes and models.

Contact Reichhardt

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