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Sensor Guidance

Pilot System Reichhardt (PSR) is capable of sensor input via tactile, ultrasonic and mechanical sensors. Reichhardt Tactile Row Guidance provides steering in 20", 22" and 30" rows without the requirement of GPS correction. Tactile sensors compensate for planter movement by sensing where the crop emerged and follows the rows.

Tactile Row Guidance (PSR TAC)

Reichhardt Tactile Row Guidance is steering by the aid of a flexible tactile sensor.  The durable synthetic sensor guides from the corn or cotton plant to control the vehicle independent of GPS. The combine or self-propelled sprayer follows the rows regardless of planting conditions.  Tactile row guidance enables the operator to monitor the machine for higher performance and can help reduce operator fatigue. PSR TAC works in 20", 22" and 30" rows.

Benefits of PSR TAC for combining:

  • Maximize bushels harvested by minimizing header loss
  • Concentrate on the auger and cart for safety
  • Harvest down corn with accuracy

Benefits of PSR TAC for nitrogen and fungicide application:

  • Reduce crop damage
  • Follow rows in unique field conditions

See videos of Tactile Row Guidance in action

Tactile Row Guidance for Harvesting Corn


Tactile Row Guidance in Downed Corn


Tactile Row Guidance for Nitrogen Application (New Holland)


Sonic Guidance (PSR SONIC)

Reichhardt Sonic Guidance is steering by the aid of ultrasound.  The vehicle or implement is guided by use of ultrasound measuring distance from a tramline, row, hill, marker track or wheel track.


Sonic Guidance videos

Sonic Implement Guidance on Cultivator


Mechanical Guidance (PSR MEC)

Reichhardt Mechanical Guidance is steering by the aid of mechanical sensors.  Sensors guide off sugar beets or potato hills to control the vehicle.


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