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Autoguidance with sonic sensors (PSR SONIC)

PSR Sonic is the steering mode which guides a vehicle high precisely alongside tracks, rows, furrows, dams, swaths and edges.

High precision in 10 steering modes

PSR Sonic is always best when there are scannable contours.

As the guideslines are scanned without being touches, the sonic sensors are free from wear. They can be adjusted without using any tools.

One inch accuracy makes PSR Sonic best for seeding, planting, harvesting and maintaining in farming and vegetable growing, 

  • Steers tractor or implement with high accuracy
  • For spraying and spreading in tracks and in row crops
  • For many specializied application
  • For seeding and planting
  • For steering alongside swaths or for baling
  • Dust restistant

Sensors combined with GPS

The biggest benefit Ultra Guidance PSR gains in the combined application of GPS and sensors. The sensor steers the vehicle with highest accuray inside the row. It is no longer necessary to count the rows when turning to the next path. GPS does this for you. Thus you have more reliability and higher accuracy.

Please contact us for your questions. 

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