RQS at Reichhardt

The light is still green

Once again DQS was able to give the green light for the QM system (RQS) at Reichhardt. The Auditor Dr. Hans-Joachim Kühne was impressed by the strong personal commitment by the management team and  encouraged them to continue on this positive path.

Sales and service are one

Customer orientation as the
focal point

In addition to the management system’s conformity to standards, the auditor confirmed to the employees that he had identified three key strengths:

  • The distribution of sales contacts among the various target groups. In the project phase of a new development, OEM customers need a well-structured technical team to achieve their goals. Sales OEM and product management work hand-in-hand here. Sales partners, as well as farmers and contractors, experience Reichhardt as a Smart Farming partner that keeps sales and customer service in one hand. This generates many positive aspects for customer satisfaction.
  • The appraisal of the QM system by top management has always been used at Reichhardt to engage in constructive internal exchange with managers. The team leaders strengthen the awareness of the QM system and thus ensure a deep integration of quality management at all levels.
  • The selection and evaluation of suppliers is a decisive factor for delivery capability and therefore customer satisfaction, especially in the current shortage on the purchasing market. The set criteria at Reichhardt and monitoring applied fulfill this task very well.
Sporty and „cool“ beyond the norm

The quality manager at Reichhardt

Nicola Beerenbrock, Dipl.Ing.(FH), has been managing the quality system for  the Reichhardt Group according to ISO 9001:15 since 2014.

“Providing structure in line with the company’s goals, then delving deeply into the processes together with colleagues at the working level in order to provide support and motivation where things get stuck” probably best describes the working style and thus the success of the QM woman at Reichhardt. If necessary, she also intervenes in quality assurance or complaint clarification.

In her free time, the environmental engineer, who is also a trained brewer and maltster, enjoys sports and spends a lot of time outdoors with her dog and working in the garden. She also likes “COW” as a decoration, whether as a picture on the wall or on glasses and shoes.

Reichhardt Mitarbeiterin Nicola
Documented processes create transparency

The innovative TAC sensor
makes the start

Reichhardt was motivated to certify its processes according to ISO 9001 in 2008 in a supplier audit with John Deere for the supply of TAC sensors for automatic vehicle guidance in corn.

Thousands of units have since been delivered and are now indispensable in corn choppers and many field sprayers worldwide.

As a “qualified supplier”, Reichhardt developed a quality management system that was certified by DQS for the first time in 2013.

PSR TAC Anwendung
RQS creates added value

By far a great team

In the Reichhardt management team, the department heads agree that the RQS should not only be used to meet the standard, but to generate added value for the customers and for working together. This has also proven its worth in dealing with the pandemic, and with the recent vaccination campaign against COVID-19 in all Reichhardt companies by the company doctor, it was possible to set another highlight.

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