Good practicality is confirmed

In a UseCase with the Josephinum Research Wieselburg, the great benefit for the user could be confirmed: In the comparison between a factory-installed and a fully retrofitted full-fledged virtual terminal and a commercially available tablet with SMART COMMAND, Reichhardt’s Smart Farming app, decisive criteria were worked out.

The project lasted from October to December 2021 on the premises of BLT Wieselburg (Austria) and included survey results of numerous practitioners.

Tablet versus ISO VT

What SMART COMMAND has to offer

The objective of the project was to determine whether a mobile terminal is at all suitable for operating ISOBUS machines. Is it suitable for the harsh environment of an agricultural machine? Dust, moisture and sunlight are not the usual working conditions to which tablets are typically exposed. Can the battery handle the long periods of use and are charging options guaranteed? And then, of course, it should be clarified whether SMART COMMAND can meet the requirements of a comprehensive Smart Farming terminal with all the functionalities that make up modern agriculture, such as ISO VT/AUX, TaskController, SectionControl, track guidance, etc.


For old and new

Two Steyr tractors were equipped with the ISO FLEX module and a commercially available tablet as a test environment. One was a Steyr 8090 from the 1980s, which was also retrofitted with ISOBUS for this purpose. This retrofit also came from Reichhardt. The second machine in the project was a Steyr 4125 Profi CVT. This is a modern tractor equipped with ISOBUS preparation, as well as an RTK steering system. In both cases, the tablet served as a replacement for an ISO-VT. The aim of both vehicles was to test the handling and functionality of the Smart Farming features on the one hand.

Traktor Steyr 4125

ISOBUS as a base

In addition, as a future technology, the ISOBUS should also be retrofitted to older vehicles or vehicles that were not factory-equipped with it. It should be shown whether, with the help of SMART COMMAND, mobile end devices can be used for functions such as ISOBUS machine operation, SectionControl and job management. In addition, it should be tested whether machines with SMART COMMAND can also be used as a terminal replacement for visual track guidance and what the advantages and differences are compared to a conventional Smart Farming terminal.

ISOBUS nachgerüsteter Traktor mit SMART COMMAND

Sophisticated functionality

During the application of the UseCase, great importance was placed on the practical benefits. In addition to an ISOBUS-capable fertilizer spreader, ISOBUS simulators for a precision air seeder and a fertilizer spreader were used, which are plugged directly into the interface and contain the same software as the actual implements. They are also used in trials at BLT Wieselburg and simulate the connection with a physical implement.

As a result of the UseCase, it was found that SMART COMMAND is convincing in the tested usability and functionality. The ISOBUS devices can be connected and operated quickly and safely even with an old tractor. SMART COMMAND is mature in its functionality and a viable ISOBUS retrofit, as well as an excellent alternative to retrofitting a fixed terminal. This allows numerous advantages to be realized, such as greater flexibility or multiple use of an existing tablet, thereby saving costs.

ISOBUS Demo Dongel
Tablet mit SMART COMMAND und ISOBUS Terminal
SMART COMMAND is sophisticated in its functionality and is a viable ISOBUS retrofit, as well as an excellent alternative to retrofitting a fixed terminal.
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