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15 Years in North America

Our company philosophy is the solid foundation where evolving technologies thrive over time.  In an interview with Precision Farming Dealer, Andreas Reichhardt and Jayme Paquin reflect on what motivated the company in the past and share their thoughts for the road ahead.

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High Standards

ISO Compatibility

When Reichhardt expanded the German based business into the North American market in the early 2000s, the philosophy of the company was to identify the needs of growers that weren’t already being met and create ISO compatible solutions that the market demanded. It was a time when the technology for GPS steering was available, but adoption of auto steer systems had yet to really take off. Many corn growers were still manually steering during the planting season. This led to guidance challenges during harvest. Reichhardt collaborated with growers and dealers in North Dakota and created a tactile row guidance product (PSR TAC) that followed the rows where the corn plants emerged. Reichhardt continued to develop the product over the years so that it was accurate, robust and available for many makes and models of combines. Reichhardt incorporated ISO standards for agriculture equipment from the start.

Fast forward 15 years and the customer base for Reichhardt’s tactile row guidance product has grown to thousands of customers and continues to be in demand by growers across the continent. Using a GPS solution during planting improves the quality of the rows, however, there are conditions that warrant the need for tactile row guidance during harvest. Planter drift and downed corn are common conditions faced by growers. PSR TAC follows the rows regardless of planting conditions and downed corn. PSR TAC’s reputation in the industry is a quality product that customers rely on year after year.

Your Equipment. Your Choice.

Mixed Fleets

The philosophy of the company continues to be driven by providing ISO compatible solutions that growers need. Efficient farming continues to escalate in importance and that often means a mixed fleet of vehicles of various colors in a time when skilled operators are in short supply. The agriculture equipment market requires solutions that are ISO compatible and work across brands. Reichhardt meets the market demand with the GREEN FIT interface that enables growers to use the AutoTrac system on the equipment brand of their choice. Efficiency is gained via GREEN FIT by utilizing the same technology on a mixed fleet of vehicles. ISO standardization is gaining momentum in the agriculture industry and Reichhardt has embraced the ISO standard from the beginning.

Leveraging Relationships into the Future

OEMs and Dealers

Reichhardt’s collaboration in the industry has led to the development of a strong dealer channel and partnerships with OEMs in the large agriculture equipment sector and specialty markets. Business relationships with dealers and OEMs are key to overcome the challenges of supply shortages that the world market is facing in current times. Together we are finding alternative sources to fulfill grower’s needs into the future.

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The Reichhardt USA team based in Sabin, MN serves North America, South America and Australia.
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