The Reichhardt Group

We distribute our competencies over three locations to best serve our customers world wide. Hand-in-hand we develop system solutions for self-propelled agricultural, construction and special machines serving customers across Europe, the Americas and Australia. Well-known manufacturers from multiple industries trust our expertise and have formed lasting partnerships with us.


We are all in this together

What distinguishes the companies of the Reichhardt Group is that they are part of a family with all its good qualities. Special skills and inclinations of the individual members are combined in efficient ways for the greatest possible customer benefit. The regular personal exchange with one another keeps the relationships alive at the management level as well as among the employees at Reichhardt. 

Partner in strategic cooperation

This experience makes us open and valuable for strategic partnerships with small and medium-sized companies to maximize potential as well as with the large providers in the market with niche products and interface expertise. 

Transparent customer orientated structures

We strive to provide our customers and the people who want to grow with us the appropriate contacts and information. The design and transparency of our companies as well as our sales structures contribute to this. In addition, you can be sure that no matter what request you contact us with or which contact person, your inquiry is welcome and will be cared for.

Competent and service-oriented

The companies of the Reichhardt Group

Hofgut Ringelshausen
Reichhardt GmbH Steuerungstechnik

Competence in agricultural engineering, construction and special machine

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Sabin Minnesota, USA
Reichhardt Electronic Innovations, Inc.

Precision farming specialist for special customer requirements in the Americas and Australia

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Lautertal Engelrod Vogelsbergkreis
Reichhardt Elektronik GmbH

Specialist in the manufacture of electrical and electronic assemblies

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Reichhardt GmbH Steuerungstechnik

Competence Center for innovations

The Ringelshausen estate near Hungen, Germany forms the practical background for all activities and the origin of the entire group of companies. This is where the competence center for sophisticated electronic solutions for mobile applications in agricultural, construction and municipal technology is located – developing ideas for series production. We are partners for precision and smart farming for OEM customers and in retrofitting for sales partners and farmers for 35 years. With our products and services, we work with qualified teams every day to inspire our customers and advance them sustainably with competitive advantages. “Electronic Innovations” is our customer promise, awards crown our efforts. We spend time in the field with our customers, appreciate the constructive cooperation and the daily personal exchange at Hofgut Ringelshausen and, thanks to digital communication, our team members are able to work remotely when the need arises.
Reichhardt Steuerungstechnik
Reichhardt Electronic Innovations, Inc.

Delivering unique solutions

As a partner for precision farming, Reichhardt has also made a name for itself in North America with agricultural manufacturers, dealers and farmers over the past 15 years. Niche products adapted to the special requirements in the corn belt, interfaces to proven products on the market, sensor-based alternatives to GPS-based standard solutions create added value.

The office and testing facility located in Sabin, Minnesota serves agricultural areas of the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. A committed team onsite with an eye for what is necessary and the experienced partner for innovative market-specific products and solutions in Germany guarantee success and create trust. “Electronic Innovations” as a customer promise right from the start.

Reichhardt Inc.
Reichhardt Elektronik GmbH

Manufacturing Specialist EMS

This is where the Reichhardt Group concentrates the manufacture of its products. The company in Lautertal-Engelrod (Vogelsbergkreis), Germany looks back on over 50 years of experience in circuit board assembly and device construction. With the change of ownership, the machine park in SMT production was modernized and the portfolio was expanded to include cable assembly in completely new production areas. ESD protection and compliance with IPC criteria are guaranteed throughout production. Quality-conscious and with a love for detail, our employees work every day to provide a comprehensive portfolio of EMS services, not only for their own company but also as contract manufacturing for many other industries with electronics requirements. “Electronic Innovations” is a promise to customers combined with a commitment to the highest quality and reliability.

Reichhardt Elektronik
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Focus on guidance solutions in agriculture

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Primary contact for dealers and OEMs

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