PSR guides equipment with sensors

PSR is an automatic steering system that uses sensors to guide equipment without the requirement of GPS correction.

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Versatile. Precise. ISOBUS compatible.

PSR is precision farming

PSR is capable of controlling a variety of equipment platforms using the integrated controls on the machine over CANBUS or by direct-wiring to a hydraulic auto-steer valve and machine position sensors.

PSR is compatible for many brands of vehicles and implements and was among the first retrofit solutions on the market.

It differs from other steering solutions in that PSR can use sensors for steering in unique field conditions without the need for GPS. PSR is capable of sensor input via tactile, ultrasonic and mechanical sensors.

The PSR guidance system is easily integrated into your operation and may be compatible with components you already own.

PSR benefits

PSR guidance offers steering through your machine’s ISOBUS using the integrated hydraulics and electronics for maximum reliability and precision. This provides a number of benefits:

Reichhardt's PSR is not tied to any vehicle or device brand.
Maintain focus and safety
Reichhardt's PSR allows the operator to focus on other important operations while in the cab such as the auger and cart for safety.
ISOBUS compatible
On the basis of ISO 11783, PSR allows the integration of ISO VT.
Based on the PSR iBox, the heart and brain, the products of the PSR family can be adapted to any need and expanded at any time.
Maximize bushels harvested by minimizing header loss, harvest down corn with accuracy, reduce crop damage, and follow rows in unique field conditions
Allows the operator to monitor the machine for higher performance and reduce operator fatigue.

The PSR Solution

PSR components from Reichhardt
PSR iBox controller and harnessing
PSR Sensor
Tactile sensors placed on a corn snout of a header. Other sensor input options are ultrasound or a mechanical row finder.
Required Components
The following components are required in order to use PSR. Utilize existing parts or source from Reichhardt.
Auto Steer Valve
Angle Sensor
The range of applications is defined via the ISOBUS terminal - with PSR for precision for vehicles and implements.

Sensor Options from Reichhardt


Tactile row guidance steering with a flexible and durable tactile sensor

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Sonic sensor guidance that steers with the aid of ultrasonic sensors

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Mechanical row finder that steers with the aid of a mechanical sensor

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PSR TAC tactile row guidance

Tactile row guidance is steering by the aid of a flexible tactile sensor. TAC provides steering in 15″, 20″, 22″, 30″ and 36″ rows without the requirement of GPS correction. The durable synthetic sensor guides from the corn or cotton plant to control the vehicle. Tactile sensors compensate for planter movement by sensing where the crop emerged and follows the rows regardless of planting conditions.

Accurate row guidance without GPS

PSR Tactile Row Guidance

  • Durable Tactile Sensor:
    Tactile sensors compensate for planter movement by sensing where the crop emerged and following the rows. The durable flexible synthetic sensor guides from the corn or cotton plant to control the vehicle.
  • Gap Detection:
    TAC row guidance detects when a planter skip or water way is encountered and maintains the steering position to stay in the row.
  • Proven Performance:
    Reichhardt’s TAC row guidance is a proven solution for over 10 years on combines during corn harvest.
  • Use your integrated OEM components with ISOBUS technology
  • Harvest down corn
  • Minimize header loss

Satisfied PSR Customers

Testimonials from our customers confirm PSR TAC is the preferred row guidance product for corn harvest.

“The PSR TAC system is a great system that is easily integrated into most autosteer ready combines and allows an operator to use the OEM buttons unlike other aftermarket row guide systems. Also is a super clean, quick, and easy system to install into a machine. Another key feature is that it can be ran on any VT compatible display to reduce cab clutter as well as a very easy user interface.” - Titan Machinery Precision Farming Specialist
Wyatt Schuster
"Dealing with Reichhardt has been great, we installed our first system in 2010 and today we have 12 units operating in our tractors, combines and spreaders. During all those years zero down time was experienced as a result of the Reichhardt technology, it just works and it lasts! The PSR TAC row guidance is a favorite for the combine operators especially in the years we have dealt with downed corn."
Ryan Christopherson
"The PSR TAC row guidance system has been flawless from the first one I installed almost eight years ago to the last one I did this last fall. Every update made from then until now has only made the system better and more simplified. I always consider Reichhardt when looking for a guidance solution for my growers. They’re economical in price with quality second to none.“ - Titan Machinery Precision Farming Specialist
Michael Schild
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The authorized interface to AutoTrac™ system for a variety of equipment brands

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Allows machine to have an ISOBUS where implements can be connected

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ISOBUS implements are operated with the help of ISO VT, so-called virtual or universal terminals

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