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GREEN FIT was mutually developed with John Deere and is the authorized interface to the AutoTrac™ system for third-party vehicles, where the automatic steering system is fully integrated and ISOBUS compatible.

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The reality of the modern farm is that a mixed fleet of vehicles from multiple manufacturers is often present. This creates challenges with having to manage multiple precision farming systems.

The AutoTrac™ guidance system is popular with farmers around the world. The GREEN FIT interface from Reichhardt provides growers the ability to use the AutoTrac™ system with a variety of equipment brands. GREEN FIT utilizes the same monitor and user interface that users of the AutoTrac™ system want. The GREEN FIT interface eliminates the burden of learning and converting to multiple precision farming systems.

GREEN FIT is authorized by equipment manufacturers as a navigation interface that utilizes the AutoTrac™ guidance system and OEM guidance ready components to steer qualifying vehicles.

GREEN FIT follows industry recognized quality, safety and acceptance criteria.

A GREEN FIT kit consists of the GREEN FIT controller, main harness, and vehicle specific harnessing and hardware.
GREEN FIT Controller von Reichhardt

Recent GREEN FIT kits

Reichhardt continues to release new kits for more vehicle platforms. Here’s some of the most recent kits we have to offer.

AGCO Windrowers

GREEN FIT kits available for AGCO 97/98/99XX windrowers.

Gen 6 Fendt 900

GREEN FIT kits now available for Gen 6 Fendt 900.

IDEAL Combine

GREEN FIT can now be added to the Gleaner S9 and IDEAL harvesters.

AFS Connect Series Steiger

AFS Connect Series Steiger can now be equipped with GREEN FIT.

Kubota M8

Kits are available for the Kubota M8 series tractor.

Krone BiG M 450

Kits are available for the Krone BiG M 450 series mower.

GREEN FIT benefits

GREEN FIT transfers the full range of functions from AutoTrac™ to third-party vehicles, is easy to install and ISOBUS compatible.  This provides a number of benefits:

Authorized interface
Before being released, each vehicle platform goes through an intensive process at Reichhardt. This ends with the performance test according to John Deere guidelines. This ensures smooth functionality on the third-party vehicle, as well as the receipt of the operating permit for the third-party make.
No vehicle preparation required
GREEN FIT can also be used to equip vehicles that are not prepared for an automatic steering system. Hydraulic retrofitting by Reichhardt is possible at any time.
Easy to install - plug and play
GREEN FIT is connected to the vehicle's steering interface and communicates directly with the GreenStar terminal via ISOBUS. The vehicle is selected via its own user interface and its configuration is automatically transferred to the AutoTrac system.
Always up to date
The intensive cooperation with the manufacturers of third-party products guarantees that the latest developments are available for updating.
Recording of yield data
The yield data on the harvesting machine is displayed on the terminal and transferred to the Farm Management Information System (FMIS).
Integrated and ISOBUS compatible
The AutoTrac system integrates with the third-party vehicle as it does in a John Deere vehicle. In addition, the full ISO functionality exists according to the activation.

The GREEN FIT solution

GREEN FIT components by Reichhardt
GREEN FIT Controller
GREEN FIT main harness
Vehicle-specific harnessing
Aftermarket options by Reichhardt
Components for non-steer ready vehicles
Hydraulic steering valves and supporting components
ISOBUS Rear Implement Connector Kit
ISOBUS harness and implement connector.
John Deere components
The following components are required in order to use GREEN FIT.
StarFireTM Receiver 3000/6000/7000
GreenStarTM Display 2630/4240/4640/G5 with AutoTracTM activation

Choose the right GREEN FIT kit for your vehicle

We have developed GREEN FIT for many vehicle platforms. Use the filter to find the right GREEN FIT  kit for your vehicle.

You are currently on the US page which supports kits for USA, Canada, and Australia. For other countries, please visit the German or English page.

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Satisfied GREEN FIT Customers

Testimonials from our customers confirm GREEN FIT meets the expectations of using AutoTrac™ on the equipment brand of the grower‘s choice.

“My experience working with the team at Reichhardt and their products has been a joy. GREEN FIT has worked exceptionally on every unit that I have done. The product is simple to install and performs as advertised to provide solutions for growers we otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity with. I always consider Reichhardt when looking for a guidance solution for my growers. They’re economical in price with quality second to none.“ - Titan Machinery Precision Farming Specialist
Michael Schild
"The GREEN FIT system in our Delta track works perfectly, it makes moving operators from one machine to another seamless no matter what brand tractor we are running. I have worked with the team at Reichhardt for a number of years on various machines and their customer support is always top notch."
Scott Tollefson
“We have been able to use Reichhardt to meet a need for our customers with mixed fleets who want to utilize their John Deere guidance systems. Through Reichhardt’s GREEN FIT technology, we have been able to provide the right solution to our customers for a seamless technology transition from one machine to another. This allows us to show the value of our Deere technology in other colors of equipment and helps retain our customers through technology.” - PrairieLand Partners Precision Ag Specialist
Jonathan Born
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