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We are enthusiastic about making vehicles and equipment in agriculture and beyond sustainably better. More precisely to protect the environment, smarter to make day-to-day work easier, more efficient to ensure profit. Farmers and well-known manufacturers trust us with integrated digital innovations and practice-oriented retrofits.

Precision Farming

Facing challenges together

Diverse agriculture, plus additional and sometimes different needs of organic farms and special crops increase the demands placed on you as a modern farm manager. There is the existing vehicle fleet that is needed but may not be equipped for precision farming in a world that is becoming increasingly digital. For various reasons, new acquisitions may not always be the right choice and retrofits are therefore often a good way to promote the sustainable further development of the company at the pace you need. Reichhardt is happy to be your precision farming partner.


Schlüter bei Aussaat mit Reichhardt Lenksystem und Kobota zur Bodenbearbeitung
Product overview

Precision Farming Partner


The authorized interface to AutoTrac™ system for a variety of equipment brands

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PSR Guidance

Automatic steering system that uses sensors to guide equipment without GPS

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Allows machine to have an ISOBUS where implements can be connected

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Innovative manufacturer solutions

Keep turning the wheel

Reichhardt’s origins lie in the development of integrated electronic solutions for self-propelled machines, and to this day we have played a key role in making these pioneers of their time and among the most successful in their markets. Increasing performance and comfort while at the same time optimizing the use of resources with the help of software-controlled and regulated processes has been our approach since then, and delivery from one source to the vehicle manufacturer’s series production has been our scope of services. The experience of 35 years, a broad know-how and many prefabricated components from which we draw guarantee practical, marketable innovations in a short time. We are happy to support you in your OEM projects with our teams and our network.

OEM Solutions

Implement innovations successfully

Factory Integration

Adapt existing Reichhardt software and hardware to a vehicle

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Hardware Components

Utilize Reichhardt hardware “out of the box”

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OEM Partners

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Satisfied Reichhardt customers

Hear what our customers have to say about Reichhardt products.

“My experience working with the team at Reichhardt and their products has been a joy. GREEN FIT has worked exceptionally on every unit that I have done. The product is simple to install and performs as advertised to provide solutions for growers we otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity with. I always consider Reichhardt when looking for a guidance solution for my growers. They’re economical in price with quality second to none.“ - Titan Machinery Precision Farming Specialist
Michael Schild
"Dealing with Reichhardt has been great, we installed our first system in 2010 and today we have 12 units operating in our tractors, combines and spreaders. During all those years zero down time was experienced as a result of the Reichhardt technology, it just works and it lasts! The PSR TAC row guidance is a favorite for the combine operators especially in the years we have dealt with downed corn."
Ryan Christopherson
“The PSR TAC system is a great system that is easily integrated into most autosteer ready combines and allows an operator to use the OEM buttons unlike other aftermarket row guide systems. Also is a super clean, quick, and easy system to install into a machine. Another key feature is that it can be ran on any VT compatible display to reduce cab clutter as well as a very easy user interface.” - Titan Machinery Precision Farming Specialist
Wyatt Schuster