Controlling the future together

We are passionate about making vehicles and equipment in agriculture and beyond sustainably better. More precisely, to protect the environment, smarter, to make everyday work easier, more efficient, to secure profits. Farmers and renowned manufacturers trust us for integrated digital innovations and practical retrofits.

Agriculture 4.0

Facing challenges together

A diverse agriculture, plus further and partly different needs of organic farms and special crops, increase the demands that are placed on you as a modern farm manager. There is the existing fleet of vehicles that is needed but not yet part of Agriculture 4.0 and, at the same time, an everyday life that is becoming increasingly digital. New acquisitions may not always be the right choice for various reasons and retrofits are therefore often a good way to drive the sustainable further development of the farm at the pace you need. Reichhardt is happy to be your Smart Farming partner in this.

Schlüter bei Aussaat mit Reichhardt Lenksystem und Kobota zur Bodenbearbeitung
product overview

Smart Farming Partner


New solution for safe remote control of ISOBUS machine functions

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Innovative Smart Farming application that can be used on mobile devices and terminals.

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Traktor mit zwei Anbaugeräten
PSR steering system

Precision Farming for vehicles and implements has proven itself in arable farming and special crops

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Kubota mit Green Fit

The authorized interface to JD AutoTrac steering system for third-party vehicles

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100 % availability, transparency and service for RTK correction data

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ISOBUS_Nachrüstung Bildkachel
ISOBUS retrofits

In OEM quality, ready for Agriculture 4.0

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Minibatt Eindatzbild

The combine as an important addition sustainable agriculture

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Innovative manufacturer solutions

Keep turning the wheel

Reichhardt’s origins lie in the development of integrated electronic solutions for self-propelled machines, and to this day we have been significantly involved in making them pioneers of their time and among the most successful in their markets. Increasing performance and comfort while optimizing the use of resources with the help of software-controlled and -regulated processes has been our approach ever since, and delivery from a single source to the vehicle manufacturer’s series production has been our scope of services. The experience of 35 years, a broad know-how and many prefabricated building blocks, from which we create, guarantee in a short time practice-oriented, marketable innovations. We would also be happy to support you in your OEM projects with our teams and our network.

OEM Product Portfolio

Implementing innovations successfully

Reichhardt oem
Customized Engineering

Customized development and transfer of the idea into the machine

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Reichhardt Elektronik

The system solution is sent into series production as complete package batches tailored to requirements.

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Already prepared for implementation according to customer-specific requirements

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Quality factore

Paying attention to details

The performance of a development in daily use with the associated customer satisfaction is decided in the production and implementation. Paying attention to detail, even to the smallest component, can contribute significantly to success, which is why we at Reichhardt have also taken the production of electrical and electronic assemblies into our own hands. True to our performance promise in the OEM sector for mobile machines, the production of the components and delivery to the manufacturer’s series production is part of our complete offer. In all other sectors with electronics requirements, Reichhardt Elektronik GmbH is happy to be your EMS service provider.

Performance promise

Take over EMS tasks competently

Linkbox Platinen

“Made in Germany“ printed circuit board assembly

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Linkbox Bild
Cable assembly

Proven in harsh mobile environments

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Linkbox Bild

Accompanying your product throughout the entire life cycle

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Bildkachel Arbeitsvorbereitung
Work preparation, quality assurance, test engineering

IPC-compliant and certified according to ISO 9001

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Right where you need us

Whether you need us as a Smart Farming partner for innovative retrofits or as a development partner to help you stay ahead of the competition, we are happy to be there for you wherever you need us. You will find us at large trade fairs, as well as at home on the Ringelshausen estate. You are always welcome.

Contended customers

We run an arable and harvest business in Wendland with the main crop being chives. The high accuracy of +/- 2cm of our steering systems and the smooth transfer of track guide lines play a decisive role here. A smooth and precise use of the tracks is possible on all our maschines thanks to GREEN FIT. In addition to Fendt tractors, we use special machines to harvest chives.
Andreas Barge
Reichhardt Kundenstimme F. Reith
„I use SMART COMMAND for automatic steering on my John Deere. I can also use the tablet flexibly as an ISOBUS terminal on my other machines. And I can also conveniently use the app for my field mapping and import my fields directly into Reichhardt's Smart Farming app.“
Frank Reith
Our experience with Reichhardt is that they respond to our requests flexibly and quickly. For us, this is what makes a competent and reliable EMS partner. It is also important to us that we can continuously supply our customers with our products and therefore we appreciate that our logistic requirements are implemented so well even more. Due to the production with a modern machinery and the service concept that runs through the whole company, we can also be sure to deliver high quality products to our customers in time.
bluMartin GmbH