Sustainable increase in profits

Agriculture 4.0 stands for an environmentally and resource-saving control of processes with simultaneously optimized profits and for Reichhardt, this begins in the driver’s cabin. The focus is on the networking of implements and vehicles for precise applications. We bring smart farming to the existing machines as retrofits.

Convenience and precision with Reichhardt

Smart Farming
improves results

Just as the tractor did not replace the horse in one fell swoop, agriculture 4.0 is also creeping into its place. Therefore, it is never too late to deal with it in a targeted manner, yet at the same time it cannot start early enough, to benefit from the advantages

Area-specific processing amortizes the investment

Every day the farm manager is exposed to a number of factors that make up his success. Fluctuating grain prices, land availability, fertilizer ordinances, external pressure, diesel prices, climate change and, last but not least, the need to increase the efficiency of the farm have a major impact on the development and security of the farm for the next few decades. But, where and how do you start? With ISOBUS, the industry has created a standard that ensures that data exchange and communication between tractor and implement, as well as various interfaces work smoothly. Only if the fertilizer spreader is firmly integrated into the controls in the cab and is precisely positioned via the satellite positioning system, area-specific management is possible. With the help of application maps, an individual observation of the areas takes place and a treatment adapted to the performance capacity via the yield mapping. As a result, more can be harvested or means of production can be saved at the same earnings level. The targeted allocation of the quantities applied therefore make the difference and help to amortize the investment in digital systems.

Reichhardt accompanies your digitization

Digitization is not a gimmick, not a nice-to-have, instead, the goal is to increase income and increase comfort. Reichhardt has been accompanying this process in agriculture for over 35 years. With retrofitting in the existing fleet, be it in the ISOBUS sector, with automatic steering systems for vehicles and implements or with smart applications via apps on your own tablet, new investments in expensive vehicles and implements are avoided and the environment is protected. The entry and further development in smart farming happens sustainably and at exactly the pace that the business needs.

Smart Farming
PSR Weinbau
Smart Command Tablet

Precision Farming Advantages

Through the use of satellite navigation and sensors, vehicles and implements are guided as precisely as possible to where they are to be used. This protects the environment and brings you a number of advantages that pay off:

Save operating resources
With the help of automatic track guidance, your areas are only processed where it is really necessary. This optimizes the use of fuel and working time. Likewise, valuable seeds, fertilizers and pesticides are applied precisely and only in the quantities actually required. Double processing is avoided, areas not to be processed are specially left out
Working comfortably
Automatic track guidance systems take the strain off steering work. Automated processes save time, improve work results and allow you to concentrate on other important tasks in organization and documentation in the cab. The workload is done faster, everyday work is much more relaxed and, more often, the end of the day belongs to the family.
Optimizing work in permanent crops
When planting and maintaining crops that are supposed to produce their yield over many years, such as in orchards, in viticulture, on strawberry and asparagus fields, in hops, in artichokes or Christmas trees, the same lanes can always be used.
Fixed field boundaries and field division
The absolute and repeatable accuracy that satellite navigation delivers using RTK correction data makes it possible that field boundaries can be approached exactly at any time of the day and fields can always be processed with the highest precision. During the entire vegetation period, from tillage to sowing and harvesting, all position points remain permanently available.
Harvesting root vegetable without loss
The use of high-precision satellite technology and the ability of the seed drill to switch off individual rows during sowing prevent the plants from getting in each other's way later. Overlapping during sowing is avoided, valuable seeds are saved and almost all plants can be harvested, especially in beet cultivation.
Active environmental protection
Lanes precisely adjusted to the working width, as well as controlled traffic farming, avoid uncontrolled and unnecessary soil compaction. Section controls prevent operating materials such as seeds, fertilizers and pesticides from being applied to worked areas or non-target areas, such as paths and bodies of water. Targeted use also saves fuel.
Use of application maps
Partial area technology means that the entire field is no longer treated uniformly. Depending on soil differences and soil quality, sub-areas are defined in order to treat them differently according to their performance. Site-specific fertilization, sowing and crop protection bring the additional profit that pays back the investment in smart farming technology.
Importing pre-planned assignments
It pays to have pre-planned assignments on the terminal, especially when there is a lot of work or there are areas to be worked on. In addition, if the work assignments run over a larger area, e.g. when applying CULTAN, time can be saved and the work can be done much better.
Avoiding obstacles
The repeatable accuracy of GNSS systems that use RTK correction data for position detection also allow obstacles to be identified. This is particularly helpful with those that are not visible and interfere with field work and work processes, such as stones, manhole covers, etc., in order to then cut them out in a targeted manner.
Regular success

Precision knows many varieties

The size of the farm has long ceased to be a criterion for being able to use smart farming sensibly on a farm. Arable farms are increasingly being farmed organically. Mechanical weed regulation is again given a new status and shifts the focus for high-precision applications to the implement. In addition to satellite navigation, local positioning systems, with the help of ultrasonic sensors, cameras or mechanical row sensors, are also used. But also blind hoeing, weed regulation before the seed emerges, is only possible with highly precise automatic steering systems. Viticulture and fruit growing benefit from the advantage of Precision Farming Systems in arable farming, but require their own solutions due to the special features of crop cultivation, the different care measures and a slightly different fleet of vehicles.

Comfortable and future-oriented

The tractor manufacturers have recognized this and are equipping their vehicles with track guidance devices to which the customer can then connect the steering system of his choice. In addition to all the advantages that Precision and Smart Farming systems offer, which are also reflected in an attractive monetary manner, the additional convenience naturally also plays a major role. Especially if you as farm manager cultivate a large part of your fields yourself and are dependent on an optimal connection to other areas of your farm, you will appreciate the freedom that Smart Farming products give you.  With Reichhardt you always have a reliable partner at your side.

Touch Terminal

Agriculture needs diversity

Rely on a precision farming product by Reichhardt in the field and in special crops, in conventional or organic farming, in older vehicles or in completely new ones. We have the solution and are your partner for ISOBUS retrofitting and all control variants. This results in a number of advantages for you:

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