Moving big things smart

In the development of “embedded systems” for mobile machines, Reichhardt has been a preferred partner of the industry for decades. Our core competence lies in the development and implementation of sophisticated, customized, electronic solutions for many well-known manufacturers in the agricultural technology, construction machinery and municipal technology industries.

Bundle competencies

Better together

The advantage of working with Reichhardt is that our know-how creates holistic solutions. When adapting a system to the operating conditions of the working machine, our specialists from the fields of agricultural engineering, hydraulics, electronics and software all pull together. 

We are integrated into the SMART FARMING EXPERTS network, which we actively shape as an application specialist and whose complete service portfolio we also offer from a single source.

You benefit from:
Utilization of synergy effects
Clearly structured, overarching processes
A single contact person for the entire project
Faster market placement through bundling of resources
A single overall system – complete integration of the solution
OEM Portfolio

Implementing innovations successfully


The perfect ISOBUS job computer for every application

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The key technology for semi-autonomous surface machining

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The new and unique intelligent worklight-system

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Reichhardt oem
Customized Engineering

Customized development and transfer of the idea into the machine

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Reichhardt Elektronik

The system solution is sent into series production as complete package batches tailored to requirements.

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Already prepared for implementation according to customer-specific requirements

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Referenzen OEM

Successful projects with well-known customers from over three decades

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Customized Engineering saves money

Every new development is a challenge for your own core competence. If this is not in electronics in your company, then we take over exactly this part with our know-how. The result is the innovation that you want to bring to the market and that with a project-oriented budget.

Moving big things smart

We develop your idea into series production

Especially for applications in agricultural engineering, ISOBUS opens up a wide field. Meeting the ISOBUS standard according to ISO 11783 prevents proven technology, from which practitioners could benefit for many years to come, from ending up on the sidelines. Preparation for smart features ex works or the option to retrofit and upgrade for new functionalities in the future strengthens customer satisfaction and strengthens customer relationships. 

We implement your customer-specific ISOBUS applications AEF-certifiable and expandable with new functions at any time with the long-standing proven Reichhardt ISOBUS Stack.

But you are also at the right place with us for new developments in the form of proprietary solutions garnished with powerful apps that offer a real competitive advantage.

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The scope of services in the definition and development of suitable hardware options also includes the assembly and initial commissioning of trial prototypes, measurements and tests accompanying development, as well as validation and certification of hardware. Subsequently, we take care of the transfer to your series production.

In software development, you receive real-time embedded software after the analysis and modeling of system requirements and the design of modular architectures. Accompanying measures for quality assurance, suitable error management, as well as a proven version and change management complement and also the support of EOL tests via suitable test routines.

We deliver your system solution from a single source. Our products go into your series production as a complete package. Batch sizes are individually adapted to your industry and your needs. Prototypes are built at short notice.

Our services score with:
Reichhardt ISOBUS Stack
Hard- and software AEF-certifiable
Information and communication systems
Drive technology
Sensor technology
Operating and display systems
Control systems, as well as
Mobile-compatible cable assembly and electronic component manuafacturing.
Sophisticated and tailor-made

Partner of the industry for 35 years

Leading machine manufacturers trust our expertise as a system developer and integrator and value our know-how. The partnerships that develop are usually long-term and provide the user with innovative, user-friendly and economical investment goods. Numerous realized projects give an insight into what we make possible with our teams.

Award-winning joint project:

DLG Silver Medal 2017

HOLMER SmartTurn enables a fully automatic turning process on the headland of the Terra Dos T4 sugar beet harvester with the help of an integrated software solution by Reichhardt, including lifting and reinserting the harvesting unit and the necessary steering maneuvers. Smart Farming functions simultaneously document and visualize important working parameters.


The high-quality manufacture of our products in suitable batch sizes is so important to us that we have concentrated it in our own company. Modern cable assembly and technically advanced component production and assembly ensure consistently good quality and fixed delivery times.

Order-related with fixed delivery time

We also do it for you

The customer-specific production of cable harnesses and electronic components forms an essential part of our service chain with an OEM partner.

But we are also your contact if you are looking for a new supplier for your cable harnesses, central electrical systems and electronic assemblies.

Particularly in mobile applications, we bring our many years of experience to bear and know the stresses to which cable harnesses in particular are subjected in the course of a machine’s life. We have perfected the sheathing with flexible braided yarn and it provides unlimited unique benefits in the equipment of vehicles and are looking forward to your inquiry. A look at our manufacturing company will show you our EMS portfolio.

Off-the-Shelf to your innovation

We not only develop new functionalities, entire application areas and suitable hardware on behalf of our customers. We adapt apps and components that we have already prefabricated to your individual needs at short notice, giving you a decisive advantage over your competitors – your machine enters the market earlier with improved performance.

Change is constant

Better beats good

Further development happens in waves. Smart retrofits for innovative users are brought to the masses by manufacturers and elevated to the new standard. These are again supplemented with smart retrofits that take on new tasks or perform better in day-to-day business. And there is always someone who is a one step ahead. We have been accompanying and shaping this process ever since the first digital developments made their way into agricultural technology.

ISOBUS in particular, as an industry standard, facilitates the interaction between vehicle and implements, and even all-rounders that have always been tried and tested improve their performance in more complex tasks. Sensor technology has also gained in importance in vehicle steering because many applications can be carried out even more precisely in an automated manner, and experience gained in arable farming can also be used in the area of ​​special crops or with very specific crops or has an effect directly on the implement.

When the entire workstation in the vehicle cabin is checked and completely rethought when improvements are required, the field is free for the really smart new features in a changed work environment.  And here too, Reichhardt is at the forefront.  Our Smart Farming products are suitable for any desired vehicle-specific adaptation and integration.  

Smart off-the-shelf solutions

Especially in Smart Farming topics, we are predestined for rapid implementation in the improvement of vehicle-specific performance. This results in decisive advantages for you.

ISOBUS equipment ex works
Interface solution for connection to proven systems
Automatic steering systems
Sensor technology for special machines
Implement control system
Smarter & completely new
Reliable even in harsh conditions

Solid facts

Reichhardt’s hardware meets your requirements: adapted to the environment and compatible with the infrastructure. Selected suppliers and our extensive experience in mobile applications result in a shortened implementation time for your specific needs


As the wireless key to ISOBUS and the Internet, the ISO FLEX module ensures the best possible connections

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Schlüter und Mähdrescher
Smart Farming products

Networking of equipment and vehicles for precise applications

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PSR TAC von Reichhardt
Sensor technology

Highly accurate local positioning with the help of ultrasonic sensors and unique flexible row senso

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ISOBUS control units

Joystick and ISO-VT operate the implement and determine its usable range of functions

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iBox Reichhardt

Powerful and intelligent, the iBox MC is at the heart of vehicles and machines

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Even more practical understanding

Testimonial Erfahrungsbericht
Fredo Harms, ANEDO GMBH
The partnership with Reichhardt, especially in the strategic cooperation as SMART FARMING EXPERTS, promotes our understanding of the practical requirements of customers and end users. This enhances the usability of ANEDO products, which is highly appreciated by OEM customers.

The ISO FLEX module takes over the key role

As a wireless key, the ISO FLEX module provides the connection to the Internet and to ISOBUS, thus enabling the provision of mobile data and also takes care of license management in SMART COMMAND. The connectivity module can be expanded to include task controller server functionality on a customer-specific basis and is therefore independent of the tractor terminal. Available in two variants (EU and worldwide), this provides you with additional benefits:

  • Connection to the Agrirouter platform
  • Update over the air – software updates simple and trouble-free
  • Remote desktop connection for service calls and fault analysis. 

The hardware has E1 approval (KBA).

ISO FLEX freigestellt
Integrated 4G (LTE) modem
Integrated TECU (Hitch Position, NMEA 2000)
Storage for licenses
External Wifi antenna
External 4G cellular antenna
IP 65 rated as dust tight and protected against spray water

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Robust controller for vehicles and machines

The iBox MC controls the central tasks

The design and material properties of this controller make it ideal for use on both large and small work machines and implements, even under harsh environmental conditions.

The controller includes two compensation modules that allow it to register rolling and buckling movements, as well as an integrated 6D terrain sensor that can detect and thus compensate for all movements of the vehicle.

The hardware has E1 approval (KBA).

iBox freigestellt
Technical Data:
Voltage range: 9 - 32 V
Dimensions (L x W x H): 134 x 117 x 36 mm
Standards: IP 67/IP 69K, ISO 11783
In- and outputs: analog und digital, max. 26 Stück
Interfaces: 2 x CAN, 1 x RS232
Partner of the industry for 35 years

Valuable trust in our services

Leading machine manufacturers value our know-how and the cooperation with us. The partnerships are usually long-term and provide the user with innovative, convenient and economical investment goods. We support them as system developer and integrator. The tasks are different, but our work always makes modern, powerful, efficient machines even better. The diversity underlines our competence.

ATLAS Wheel loader
DÜCKER Slope mower
ERO Grape harvester
Trauben ernten
HOFFMANN Grape harvester
Referenzen OEM
HOLMER System vehicle
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HOLMER Sugar beet harvester
OEM Referenzen
KOTTE Slurry tanker
Feldhäcksler Referenz Reichhardt
KRONE Forage harvester
MARXEN Pump tank truck
Kartoffelroder Referenzen Reichhardt
ROPA Potato harvester
ROPA Beet loading maschine
Ropa Rübenroder
ROPA Sugar beet harvester
VOGEL & NOOT Semi-mounted plow

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