conquers semi-autonomous field cultivation

SMART ADV is the new integrated control system for remote control of autonomous machines. The integration of a wireless Smart Farming control unit in a secure radio control system provides ISOBUS automation, automatic track guidance, GNSS navigation and functional safety for semi-autonomous management. This increases safety for the operator and his environment.

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Increasing digitalization, as well as price pressure and a shortage of skilled workers, are making agriculture more autonomous. At the same time, autonomous vehicles cannot currently be used for safety reasons. The challenge is to provide Smart Farming functionality in autonomous machines while taking functional safety into account.

Especially in landscape maintenance, work processes need to be facilitated and automated. Therefore, vehicles today are often autonomous, but manually controlled by the operator to ensure safe use for public spaces. However, pure radio control does not currently permit automation of the machine.

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SMART ADV succeeds in integrating a wireless Smart Farming operator terminal into a secure radio control system. This enables ISOBUS automation, automatic track guidance, GNSS navigation and functional safety for semi-autonomous farming. The scalable system consists of radio control from HBC-radiomatic, which meets all functional safety requirements, and tablet-based ISOBUS automation including automatic track guidance by Reichhardt.

The practical value now lies in using semi-autonomous machines even in safety-relevant areas with simultaneous use of ISOBUS automation and automatic track guidance. This ensures safety for the operator and his environment, automates and specifies work processes, relieves the operator and protects the environment.

SIS Remote auf Mähraupe von Reichhardt

The SMART ADV advantages

Only in the combination of safe radio control and SMART COMMAND as a wireless Smart Farming operator terminal is it possible to operate autonomous vehicles safely in the open field. This creates further benefits for the user:

Safety for the operator and the surrounding area is increased by the safe distance to the caterpillar and the possibility to intervene at any time via radio control. Added to this is a high safety standard for the active and passive emergency stop mechanism (EN ISO 13849-1:2015). Fencing or expensive sensor technology are not required.
The radio WiFi concept means that the machine can be manually returned to the WiFi reception area at any time in the event of a malfunction. Several machines can be monitored and controlled simultaneously, and all machine information is available at the operator terminal.
Automatic lane guidance via GNSS navigation with RTK accuracy on created and planned lanes leads to greater precision, better machine utilization and enables automated workflows, such as turning, excavation and lowering, and section control.
Automated invoicing through fully integrated task scheduling and real-time data exchange, storage and retrieval of processed data for repetitive tasks increases efficiency and relieves the operator, who can pay more attention to his safety and that of his environment.
The use of standard consumer tablets eliminates the need for expensive new purchases and integrates Smart Farming functions into everyday farming operations.
Saving inputs conserves resources, less injury to the vegetation layer due to smoother steering movements, and easier maintenance of hard-to-reach areas are an important contribution to environmental protection. Less wear and tear and less damage to flora, fauna and infrastructure save money.
Safety first

SMART ADV masters challenges

Safety for operators and the environment

Due to the entire concentration being on the machines, hazards are detected too late. Pure tablet control of the machine is not possible because there is no safe emergency stop mechanism and a WiFi connection is insecure. With SMART ADV, the autonomous machine returns to a safe state at any time. This reduces the dangers for the working environment and the operator and provides a higher safety level, as well as a better view of the working process.

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Operator comfort and automation

With purely manual control, the operator must constantly correct the direction of travel. Particularly at a greater distance from the machine, there is more frequent overlapping of the working width and thus lower efficiency. If several work processes are to be controlled simultaneously, this leads to high driver stress and rapid fatigue. In addition, when steering the machine, the focus is not on the implement or work process, which means that the work result is often unsatisfactory. Due to the high level of concentration on the machine, there is a very high potential for danger. SMART ADV relieves the operator, increases efficiency, perfects work processes and makes it possible to operate several machines simultaneously.

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Protection of the environment and resources

Manual steering and jerky movements damage the vegetation layer, which leads to increased erosion. In addition, overlapping and multiple driving over the area lead to high fuel consumption and higher ground pressure. Furthermore, there is often a lack of skilled workers, which makes efficient and low-wear work impossible. In addition, the high physical strain sometimes overstrains the operator, causing damage to vegetation, watercourses and infrastructure, as well as high wear and tear. Thanks to SMART ADV, resources are conserved as the injury to the vegetation layer is reduced, operating resources are saved and machine utilization is increased. Moreover, for the maintenance of hard-to-reach areas, the right technology is crucial for the ease of operation of the work process.

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Fleet management and task management

Currently, manual control and operation always requires one person per machine. In addition, it is common practice to enter orders on handouts and exchange them in paper form or by telephone between the control center and the operators. Due to faulty communication, this leads to processing of the wrong area, delayed invoicing or even loss of billing documents. With SMART ADV, one person can operate multiple machines simultaneously. In addition, orders can be easily imported and exported and invoicing can be automated and simplified. Furthermore, the machines can be centrally monitored and coordinated.

Zeichnung Arbeiter SIS Remote

SMART ADV delivers success through innovation

SMART ADV is a key technology for semi-autonomous field management

Unique combination of secure radio control and SMART COMMAND as a wireless Smart Farming operator terminal.
ISOBUS automation and automatic track guidance while taking functional safety into account
Machine and implements are moved and controlled via the SMART COMMAND app on the consumer tablet
Operator can ensure safe control of the machines at all times, even in the event of connection problems due to excessive distance, using the radio control system
Active and passive emergency stop mechanism.
In case of danger or when obstacles are detected, the operator can intervene in the automatic process at any time and manually maneuver the machine around the obstacle
Practical added value:
For the first time, semi-autonomous Precision Farming with automatic steering system, high-precision GNSS navigation with RTK signal and ISOBUS automation becomes possible.

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