SMART COMMAND changes the field of work

SMART COMMAND by Reichhardt is the new app for smart farming applications and turns the tablet into an ISO-VT. The focus is on the ISO FLEX module for the wireless connection to the ISOBUS. It translates between machine and implement for ISOBUS-compatible use and provides mobile data.

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Agriculture 4.0

SMART, exactly how you like it

Agriculture 4.0 refers to the automation of processes, the networking of devices with vehicles or of vehicles among each other, as well as the environmental and resource-saving control of processes.

In SMART COMMAND, Reichhardt combines expertise in precision farming as well as in the field of ISOBUS applications. All functions are operated intuitively using simple touch gestures according to known patterns and are not necessarily bound to a rigid structure. The application windows can be moved and exchanged at any time.

You set the direction

Depending on the user, work steps are started spontaneously or planned well in advance. The assignment and the personal working style are in the foreground. The documentation and management of field and cultivation work, working hours and application rates make the administrative work much easier. You can work in any number of applications, with up to three being displayed at the same time. The screen is divided into a main screen and several secondary screens. To fully concentrate on just one application, simply switch to the full-screen view.

SMART COMMAND includes the app for the tablet, the ISO FLEX module and optionally the SMART iBox.

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Spuren auf Feld
Tablet mit Smart Command

The SMART COMMAND features

ISOBUS features, including Section Control and Variable Rate Control, as well as Precision Farming applications from visual track guidance to automatic headland management, impress with their smart convenience:

The tablet becomes the ISO-VT and is therefore used for the connection to the ISOBUS implements. Communication with the machine is made via WiFi. Tablets already occupy a firm place in the organization of operations due to their familiar handling advantages. The integrated AUX editor ensures the functional assignment between the ISOBUS implements and the ISOBUS operating units.
The visual guidance in SMART COMMAND uses GNSS position data and offers a number of additional features, such as the recording of field and headland boundaries, as well as exclusion areas and obstacles. An upgrade to the automatic steering system is also possible.
The SMART iBOX upgrades SMART GUIDE to an automatic steering system. The scope of performance scores with field recognition as well as contour, tramline, bed and asynchronous mode. Background cards facilitate orientation to and in the field.
The Task Controller feature in SMART COMMAND handles the processing, administration, and documentation of tasks, as well as the communication with the implement. For this purpose, the data prepared in the respective farm management program (FMIS) is imported in ISO-XML format and the completed tasks are exported.
The environmentally friendly and efficient use of operating resources is guaranteed by the automatic switching on and off of sections of crop protection sprayers, seed drills, etc. In SMART SECTION a circuit of up to 255 sections is possible.
Automatic turning in the headland is also possible with Reichhardt‘s SMART COMMAND app. SMART TURN steers the machine exactly into the next lane, reduces turning times, protects the soil and the environment and reduces damage to the crop. Its great benefits are evident in the sugar beet harvest, in the Holmer Terra Dos T4.
field work 4.0

The novelty is called

Traktor Graphik
SMART COMMAND by Reichhardt
Running on any mobile device. Supported plattforms: Android 5,6, 8 and 10.
Connected via ISO InCab plug with ISO FLEX connection harness.
plus vehicle specific harness (required for SMART CONTROL function).
GNSS receiver
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Well thought through.



The SMART COMMAND app provides you with cross-application functions via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. The focus is on the ISO FLEX module, the current update can then be downloaded online at any time. If required, the SMART COMMAND app also enables online access to the Reichhardt customer service. This saves time and avoids costs. Currently supported operating systems are Android 5, 6, 8 and 10.

SMART COMMAND auf Tabletbildschirm, freigestellt

ISO FLEX module

The ISO FLEX module is at the heart of SMART COMMAND. It establishes the wireless connection to the ISOBUS. It translates the machine data for mobile communications and WiFi. License management is also carried out here to ensure that a replacement device can take over immediately should the tablet fail.

The ISO FLEX module can be used as a 4G RTK modem with the SMART NTRIP activation.

ISO FLEX freigestellt

Smart iBox

In order to be able to use SMART COMMAND for automatic track guidance, the Smart iBox is required, which establishes the connection to the track guidance system preparation with the appropriate vehicle-specific cable set. SMART CONTROL is thus available with a considerable scope of services, such as field creation, as well as contour, tramline, plot and asynchronous modes.

iBox freigestellt
GNSS receivers by Reichhardt


RGS 200 – reliable GNSS receiver

RGS 200 by Reichhardt is a GNSS receiver for a track-to-track accuracy of +/- 30 cm. A compact design and the attractive price/performance ratio are ideal for Smart Farming applications, such as automatic section control. The appropriate connection cable is already included in the scope of services. The RGS 200 receiver is characterized by a high level of reliability thanks to the use of all common satellite systems.

Receiver Reichhardt
Technical Data:
Receivable satellites: 108
Satellite systems: GPS (L1, L2 & L2C), GLONASS (L1, L2), Galileo (E1, E5b), BeiDou (B1I, B2I), QZSS (L1, L2)
Accuracy: DGPS, +/- 30 cm, Upgradeable to a fee-based correction signal (+/- 5 cm track-to-track accuracy)
Connections: 3 x serial RS-232, 1 x CAN-Bus, 1 x speed signal

RGS 700 – the new receiver generation

The new receiver generation RGS 700 by Reichhardt is an RTK receiver for a repeatable accuracy of +/- 2 cm. A compact design and the attractive price/performance ratio are ideal for Smart Farming applications that require high accuracy in real time, such as sowing. The appropriate connection cable and the 4G modem for cellular transmission are already included in the scope of delivery. Ideal for use in combination with the Reichhardt RTK CLUE correction data service, also usable as an RTK base station. The RGS 700 is characterized by the fact that it already supports future signals and, thanks to the large number of satellites received at the same time (<30), it performs even more reliably in difficult situations (e.g. when there is danger from shadowing).

Technical Data:
Receivable satellites: 108
Correction format: RTCM3 & RTCM3.2
Satellite systems: GPS (L1, L2, L2C & L5), GLONASS (l1 & L2), Galileo (E1, E5a/b & E5 AltBOC), BeiDou (B1I, B1C, B2I & B2a), QZSS (L1 & L2)
Accuracy: RTK +/- 2 cm, also suitable for Omnistar
Connections: 3 x serial RS-232, 1 x CAN-Bus, 1 x speed signal

AUX functional assignment

The AUX editor in SMART COMMAND ensures the functional assignment between the ISOBUS implements and the ISOBUS operating units, such as joysticks.


SMART COMMAND drives success

Smart, diverse and ISO compatible, the new Reichhardt app enriches everyday agricultural life.

Upgrading of vehicles
Useable on various mobile devices
Intuitive operation that does not have to follow a rigid working structure
Precision Farming and ISOBUS applications in one app
Easier administration through versatile documentation
ISOBUS compatible – easy to install
Developed in Germany
Practical benefits:
Advancement of the farm to Agriculture 4.0
contented SMART COMMAND customers


Reichhardt Händlerstimme zu SMART COMMAND
„In Switzerland, as a Reichhardt sales partner, I see the advantages for my customers with SMART COMMAND in using consumer hardware as a manufacturer-independent ISOBUS terminal. With mobile terminals, farmers are always up to date with the latest technology and also benefit from the wide range of applications of this new Smart Farming App by Reichhardt.“
Anderas Wiedmer
Reichhardt Kundenstimme F. Reith
„I use SMART COMMAND for automatic steering on my John Deere. I can also use the tablet flexibly as an ISOBUS terminal on my other machines. And I can also conveniently use the app for my field mapping and import my fields directly into Reichhardt's Smart Farming app.“
Frank Reith
Christopher Weil mit Fendt
„We use SMART COMMAND in viticulture as an automatic tracking system. The tablet we use to run the app is much more space efficient than traditional terminals, which is a big advantage for us in the small narrow-track tractors. The use of a tablet also offers a lot of flexibility, since it can be used for documentation and is also integrated into everyday life.“
Christopher Weil

You would like to use SMART COMMAND with a tablet as ISO-VT?

Please contact your local Reichhardt sales partner
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