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For Reichhardt, sales means customer service. One more reason for sales and service to come from a single source, especially when retrofitting Smart Farming products, both at Reichhardt and at the local sales partner. Only when we pull together will the customer receive the added value he rightly expects.

Shoulder to shoulder

Satisfied when you are

Innovative products and smart features change the everyday life of the professional. Before the desired effect occurs, skepticism and uncertainty stand as barriers. In addition to practice-oriented needs assessment and advice, it is important to know that you will not be left alone after the purchase, during commissioning and in daily use.

This applies to the practical farmer for all applications in Agriculture 4.0 just as it does to the decision as to which correction data service should be used. How much is the service worth that is ready in the decisive case? 

But also in the projects with well-known manufacturers from all industries, it must be clear that Reichhardt is there as a partner as long as the customer needs us. 

To ensure that we can always be reached where we are needed, we have created a transparent structure that makes this possible at all times.

Service-oriented sales structure

Your contacts for greater added value

Testimonial Erfahrungsbericht
Reichhardt sales partner

 Contact point for practitioners in Germany and internationally

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RTK CLUE Betreiber
RTK CLUE contact

The local contact for using RTK CLUE correction data 

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Reichhardt team

Service-oriented in the service for sales partners and OEM

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EMS Services
Competent partner for all industries with electronics need
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