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AUX 2 GO by Reichhardt is the innovative solution for remote control of ISOBUS machine functions. The system consists of a CAN-WiFi module with integrated ISO client and an app for operating machine functions. The use of an ISOBUS joystick is also still possible. Control of the entire machine always remains with the operator.

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Safe machine operation

As agriculture becomes more digital, tractors and implements are becoming smarter. ISO 11783 enables standardized communication between machines. Today, modern machines are operated via an ISO VT. Machine-bound controls, such as joysticks, facilitate handling by assigning certain functions to them.

Some work processes, such as adjusting and checking the implement, require constant up and down climbing. Other work processes result in an increased operator load when concentrating on several tasks at once. In addition, parts of the work machine often cannot be seen from the driver’s seat.

Maintain control of the vehicle at all times

Machine functions are not permitted to be controlled without the knowledge of the machine operator. If this is possible, the driver must remain in control of his vehicle at all times. If functions are connected via WiFi, a break in the WiFi connection should not lead to unintentional control of machine functions.

Have you ever wished you could just take the joystick with you and safely operate functions from another location? Then you should get to know AUX 2 GO now.

The advantages of AUX 2 GO

Standardized communication for perfect interaction of all parties involved in complex work situations increases productivity, avoids friction losses and provides you with a number of benefits:

Communication without misunderstanding
Separation of operation and machine with the help of ISOBUS simplifies maintenance and adjustment work and reduces downtimes when the engine is running. The use of consumer hardware is cost-effective, and functional safety is guaranteed. Once identified, AUX participants remain known.
Multi-assignment for AUX functions
Control is possible both via AUX 2 GO and a joystick, whereby priority is given to control elements permanently installed in the machine. In cross-vehicle use, drivers are relieved and work processes are optimized.
Greater work efficiency
Adjustment and maintenance work, as well as monitoring of working areas that are difficult to see, are carried out where they can be done more easily. Optimized work processes increase area output and reduce CO2 emissions. The work result can be improved and there is less crop loss.
Auxiliary Remote Control

The solution is called AUX 2 GO

AUX 2 GO by Reichhardt
CAN-Wifi module
With WiFi hotspot and ISO client with AUX functionality
ECU with AUX functionality
WLAN connection
AUX 2 GO application

How AUX 2 GO works

The ISOFLEX module mediates between the machine and implements and provides a WiFi hotspot. It logs on to the ISOBUS as an ISOBUS participant with VT mask and AUX-N functionality. Any ISO-VT takes over the management on the machine.

The access of the AUX 2 GO application is secured by a release, which can be revoked at any time.

The AUX 2 GO mobile application reflects the function assignment. Via the app, the action is triggered as AUX N input and executed by the machine.

The assignment is only made once, since the ISO client is permanently located on the machine. Function operation is prevented in the event of a WiFi interruption. The use of a conventional joystick on the machine remains possible. It is also possible to control the machine via AUX 2 GO as well as via a joystick, whereby priority is given to control elements that are permanently installed in the machine.

Operation of a second machine becomes possible

Several ISOFLEX modules can also communicate with each other. This means that operating units on other vehicles can be used to execute machine functions. This is interesting for overloading activities from one vehicle to another.

Would you like to use AUX 2 GO?

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