RTK CLUE Manager:

manages precision

With 100% in availability, transparency and service, RTK CLUE by Reichhardt delivers great performance when it comes to high-precision applications in agriculture. Through a sophisticated online portal and operator licensing model, Reichhardt’s RTK correction data service creates exceptional value for everyone involved.

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RTK CLUE correction data service

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RTK CLUE follows the sustainable goal “think global – act local”. With a professional team of developers, Reichhardt has placed a practical and mature precision farming solution on the market that thousands of farmers in many countries around the world already trust. They do this because they are 100% convinced of the performance. They are confirmed in this every day around the clock with

  • uninterrupted availability of RTK correction data
  • a service that does not leave them on their own, even in times of agricultural stress.
  • a knowledge advantage via the RTK CLUE Manager, which provides transparent documentation of all operations in real time.

Available where you need it

Committed operators work with Reichhardt to ensure that the RTK CLUE Cluster is available on site to meet the exact needs of farmers in the region. It is no wonder that large machinery rings, e.g. in Hesse or in Austria, are expanding their service offering in an attractive and forward-looking way by providing reliable RTK correction data that members can trust without reservation

Precision farming from a single source

However, numerous companies in the agricultural equipment trade also know the value of providing precision farming in their area from a single source.  Because of the commitment and the technical and practical know-how on site, you as a farmer receive added value from this service that no comparable correction data provider can guarantee. In any case, this makes up for the price you pay. Especially if you want to lay beets on Saturday morning when the weather is right and everything doesn’t work exactly as you would have expected.


How to find your
RTK CLUE contact person

The map view shows that in gray colored areas you can use RTK CLUE immediately. For a better overview, simply enter your address and use it to mark your location. If the marker is now in an RTK CLUE cluster (grayed out), contact your local RTK CLUE operator for further information. When touched, your regional cluster turns light green. With a single click, the contact details are displayed. If no local contact person is displayed, please contact Reichhardt directly. If your farm is located in an area that is not currently supplied with RTK CLUE correction data, find out about the possibility of becoming an RTK CLUE operator yourself and plan your own RTK CLUE cluster.

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RTK CLUE brings added value

Hand-in-hand precision on the road to success


Reliability, transparency and service as success factors in modern arable farming

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RGS700 Reichhardt
RTK Technology

State-of-the-art RTK equipment for optimal performance

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RTK CLUE Manager

Online tool for transparent documentation in real time

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RTK CLUE Betreiber
RTK CLUE Operator

Responsibility for the farmers in his cluster

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The RTK CLUE advantages

RTK CLUE supports you in your field work and your farm management Agriculture 4.0 with an attractive scope of services.  This results in a number of advantages for you:

100% service
Your local contact is a professional like you and is always there to help and advise you. You can always reach the Reichhardt service hotline when the need in the field requires it. In addition, your RTK CLUE Manager will keep you informed, so you can be sure you are always in the best hands.
100% availability
RTK CLUE is in the hands of a competent, dedicated team of developers who always keep the correction data service up to date. A multi-secured technical infrastructure, local contacts on the ground and the mandate that many farmers in the world trust RTK CLUE's service ensure the reliability you need.
100% transparency
RTK CLUE Manager provides you with the information you need, such as the quality of cellular reception, number of satellites available, quality of correction data, and the location of the nearest RTK CLUE base station with the option to select the one you prefer. All deployment traces are documented and GeoFence provides theft protection for your vehicle.
High quality components

RTK technology at its best

In order to take into account the idea of sustainability and thus save costs and resources, Reichhardt always tries to incorporate common third-party components in its unique solutions and to make them usable. RTK CLUE is therefore also compatible with all modems that support NTRIP as well as all commercially available RTK-capable receivers that can receive RTK correction data in RTCM3 format. With the RTK receivers of the RGS series by Reichhardt you rely on state-of-the-art technology.

RGS 700 – the new receiver generation

RGS 700 by Reichhardt is an RTK receiver for a repeatable accuracy of +/- 2 cm. The compact design and attractive price/performance ratio are ideal for smart farming applications that require high accuracy in real time, such as seeding. The matching connection cable and the 4G modem for cellular transmission are already included in the scope of delivery. The RGS 700 is characterized by the fact that it already supports signals planned for the future and, due to the large number of satellites received simultaneously (> 30), performs even more reliably in difficult situations (e.g. in the event of danger due to shadowing).

Technical Data
Receivable satellites: 108
Correction format: RTCM3 & RTCM3.2
Satellite systems: GPS (L1, L2, L2C & L5), GLONASS (l1 & L2), Galileo (E1, E5a/b & E5 AltBOC), BeiDou (B1I, B1C, B2I & B2a), QZSS (L1 & L2)
Accuracy: RTK +/- 2 cm, also suitable for Omnistar
Connections: 3 x serial RS-232, 1 x CAN-Bus, 1 x speed signal

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RTK CLUE Manager

Knowledge advantage with RTK CLUE

The RTK CLUE Manager from Reichhardt provides more information, more knowledge and more transparency for RTK corrections and thus makes a decisive contribution to the successful use of precision farming. Available online in real time at any time, it accompanies you in your everyday farming life 4.0.


All procedures at a glance online

The RTK CLUE Manager is a powerful tool for users and operators to manage the rover(s), the associated configuration and user data. In addition, live tracking of the position data is possible. The login to the RTK CLUE Manager can be found atthe very top of this page.

RTK CLUE auf Tablet

The RTK CLUE Manager advantages

Real-time knowledge advantage delivers valuable transparency. This creates a number of benefits for you.

Position recording
All journeys are recorded and can be analyzed in real time or retrospectively. Fast error analysis, localization of vehicles up to fleet monitoring is thus possible. The data can be exported in KML format.
Connection overview
All connections of base stations and rovers are logged, error analysis of internet connection and modem configuration is easy and quick.
Quality monitoring
The continuous recording of position accuracy, number of available satellites, age of correction data as well as the signal strength of the mobile radio is especially helpful in case of service, because the data can be analyzed online and the vehicle is back in the field faster
Anti-theft protection
With Geofence, a virtual fence is erected around a defined area. If this is violated or if the rover leaves this area, you as the user are informed immediately.
Fault notification
If there is a malfunction in your RTK CLUE cluster, the operator will be notified immediately by e-mail, shortening the time it takes to fix the malfunction.
An individual design, which can be defined by the operator, strengthens the cohesion and makes your RTK CLUE Manager unmistakable as your brand. The login button can also be integrated into an existing web presence.
RTK CLUE operator model

Key transfer for RTK correction data with added value

In order to perform locally with farmers with the best service, we put the RTK CLUE business in the hands of dedicated RTK CLUE cluster operators. They are responsible for setting up and operating the cluster, act in their own name and on their own account, and provide service and customer-oriented support to their farmers in the region. Of course, always with the backing of Reichhardt and the motto “Think globally – act locally”. The central instrument for your local activities is the RTK CLUE Manager.

RTK CLUE clusters have proven themselves in practice and have delivered on their customer promise in many parts of the world.

If you are interested in becoming an RTK CLUE operator and taking responsibility for farmers in your region, please contact us directly.


Satisfied RTK CLUE community

Zufriederner RTK CLUE Betreiber
The connection fits everywhere in Hesse. With the RTK CLUE cluster of machine rings, we pull a straight line to the centimeter.
Uwe Roth
Zufriederner RTK CLUE Nutzer
RTK CLUE is cost-effective and reliable for me. The RTK CLUE Manager makes documentation easier for me, and when problems arise, the support is exemplary and fast.
Joachim K.
Precision Farming Spezialist als RTK CLUE Stimme
As a product specialist in precision farming, I experience RTK CLUE in my own applications and in numerous customer discussions - the feedback is always very positive.
Felix Kleiber

Would you like to use RTK CLUE for your precision farming?

Please contact your RTK CLUE Cluster.
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