On-site sales and service

Questions about Agriculture 4.0 are best answered by the agricultural technology dealer and precision farming specialist on site. This is where the manufacturers’ range is concentrated, guided by partnerships and contracts. Smart Farming products by Reichhardt are ISOBUS-compatible and not tied to any manufacturer brand, so a suitable contact person is almost always close to you.

Growing with new tasks

Accompanying tomorrow

The professional specifies what we will need tomorrow. Uncertainties in technical terms in economically challenging times influence the trustful cooperation. The agricultural engineering company with which you, as a farmer, have perhaps had an excellent business relationship for decades, will also stand by your side in challenging times. But perhaps you need a partner right now who specializes in your needs, especially in the transition to Agriculture 4.0.

But there is also change in retail and new tasks require new partners in the industry. We are happy to be by your side. As an agricultural technology dealer, contact the Reichhardt Smart Farming team for all your questions.

Become a sales partner

Advantages offered by the Precision Farming Partners at Reichhardt

As on site specialists who have an eye on all aspects of modern agriculture, they can answer all questions in a practice-oriented manner.  This results in a number of advantages for you:

A contact person is available on site at all times
Reichhardt provides on site support when needed, on the phone and online, as well as in regular training sessions
No ties to manufacturers of vehicles and equipment.
GREEN FIT interface to John Deere AutoTrac for many third-party vehicles
Any agricultural equipment dealer can offer Reichhardt products. If we haven't met yet, contact the Reichhardt team today.

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Smart Farming Partner


Innovative Smart Farming application that can be used on mobile devices and terminals.

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Traktor mit zwei Anbaugeräten
PSR steering system

Precision Farming for vehicles and implements has proven itself in arable farming and special crops

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Kubota mit Green Fit

The authorized interface to JD AutoTrac steering system for third-party vehicles

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ISOBUS_Nachrüstung Bildkachel
ISOBUS retrofits

In OEM quality, ready for Agriculture 4.0

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