More than accurate

With RTK CLUE, you rely on an absolutely service-oriented RTK correction data service. The operator of the RTK CLUE cluster on site is your contact person and is there for you with advice and support. This ensures that your precision agriculture is looked after from a single source and you can rely on it 100%.

Think globally - act locally

Always in the best hands

RTK CLUE is available wherever it is needed. This is ensured by the operators of the RTK CLUE clusters, who have tailored their services precisely to the needs in their region. They are also the ones who ensure that technical developments are continuously implemented, so that the latest RTK receivers and signals planned for the future are supported today.

RTK CLUE operators usually have a close connection to agriculture and are profesionals like you. Machinery rings, agricultural equipment dealers and precision farming providers are committed to offering farmers the best service in their local area with 100% reliability and transparent usage at attractive conditions.

As an operator or if you would like to become one, please contact the Reichhardt team

Become an RTK CLUE operator

The advantages offered by RTK CLUE operators

Short distances, quick solutions, that’s what RTK CLUE by Reichhardt promises through its dedicated operators. This results in a number of advantages for you:

Local contact, with commitment and knowledge of the region.
Professional support from Reichhardt's customer service with a service hotline and practice-oriented service hours
Co-determination option for technical equipment and signal availability.
Each RTK CLUE cluster can be designed individually
The RTK CLUE Manager is the basis for an expandable, unique online platform

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