PSR gets to the point

PSR by Reichhardt brings the required precision to every agricultural application. Steering aids, assistance and steering systems steer ISOBUS-compatible, modular and universal vehicles and implements in arable farming and special crops. Track guidance using GNSS and sensor technology is unique.

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Versatile. Precise. ISOBUS compatible

PSR is Precision Farming

PSR steering systems by Reichhardt for vehicles and implements regardless of vehicle or implement brand were among the first retrofit solutions on the market. They differ from competitors in that they can uniquely use satellite signals and sensor technology, such as ultrasound or row sensors, for track guidance.

The system is universally designed and fits almost any vehicle. The integration of third-party components, such as GNSS receivers or ISO VT, sometimes saves on new purchases. Since older vehicles can also be upgraded, they too can be integrated into the requirements of modern agriculture.

Traktor und Mähdrescher von oben

Die PSR advantages

PSR opens up a wide range of application options through coordinated variants in one system. This results in a number of advantages for you:

PSR by Reichhardt is not tied to any vehicle or equipment brand. TÜV registration is required for hydraulic integration into the vehicle. TÜV sample certificates for over 1000 vehicles are available.
GNSS and sensor technology in one system
PSR by Reichhardt uses satellite signals for locating and navigating vehicles and implements, ultrasound and flexible row sensors for local positioning.
ISOBUS compatible
PSR also allows the integration of third-party receivers and ISO VT on the basis of ISO 11783. If the vehicle does not yet meet the requirements for this, the ISOBUS retrofit can be carried out with Reichhardt.
Modular design
Starting from the PSR iBox, the heart and brain, the products of the PSR family are adaptable to every need and expandable at any time. Third-party components can also be used.
In special crops
Vineyards, fruit and vegetable cultivation have their individual peculiarities in cultivation, care and harvesting. These can also be met with great success with PSR by Reichhardt.
Precision with the implement
For various reasons, high-precision tracking does not always reach the implement. Therefore, it is recommended to consider this separately with an implement steering system. PSR SLIDE by Reichhardt delivers optimal results.
Universal and modular

Reliable precision means PSR

PSR Graphik
PSR by Reichhardt
PSR iBox
Starting from the PSR iBox, the heart and brain, the products of the PSR family are adaptable to any need and expandable at any time.
Reichhardt scores here, too
If your vehicle does not yet meet the ISOBUS standard, this can be retrofitted by Reichhardt.
The ISOBUS terminal defines the range of applications - with PSR to precision for vehicle and implement
product overview

With PSR to precision for vehicle and equipment

PSR im Weinbau

The versatile universal steering system

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Schlüter und Kubota

Basis for precision agriculture

SLIDE Feldbild

The active automatic attachment control system

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PSR ISO is an all-rounder

Many farmers have trusted this basis for precision farming and thus for Agriculture 4.0 for many years. In arable farming, as well as in special crops, such as viticulture and fruit growing, but also in strawberry, asparagus and vegetable cultivation, it has proven itself and taken its permanent place in the agricultural business.

Versatile, manufacturer-independent

PSR ISO is a classic

The PSR ISO automatic steering system from Reichhardt can be used on vehicles and implements. All possibilities for machine control can be used. For track guidance, satellite positioning and navigation (GNSS) or local positioning via sensor technology is used uniquely in one system. Any ISO VT can be used for operation and third-party receivers can also be used. Enables speeds below 30 m/h with Super Low Speed. All applications in the field and in special crops can thus be carried out with the desired accuracy in a crop-friendly and environmentally friendly manner.

The PSR ISO advantages

PSR ISO is the universal, ISOBUS-compatible, automatic steering system for vehicles and implements. This creates a number of advantages for you:

Universal and applicable for all vehicle brands
Combination of GNSS and sensor technology
Integration of third-party components such as GNSS receivers and ISO VT saves costs for new purchases
Versatile machine control
Ideal for use in special crops
practical added value:
Integration of even older vehicles with the requirements of Agriculture 4.0

PSR ISO TOP is the base for precision farming

The further development of PSR now scores with its own terminal, which opens up many more possibilities via the activation of numerous panel:apps. Of course, it can also be used for guidance via sensors in combination with GNSS.

retrofit becomes futurefit

Professionals are in the right place

PSR ISO TOP is the new, further developed generation of the PSR steering system, which brings its own ISOBUS features through its new terminal and can thus provide a greater range of services than a conventional ISO-VT.

The Schlüter 1500 TVL tractor has become a symbol at Reichhardt for sustainability through retrofitting. Even an old-timer can still be used for Smart Farming applications and integrated into the next generation of Agriculture 4.0. Retrofit becomes futurefit.

These and other innovations in digital farming combined with reliable personal customer service make Reichhardt a preferred Smart Farming partner. Intelligent retrofits often avoid expensive investments in new machinery.

Reichhardt products are available from your Reichhardt sales partner.

These Apps offer more

There are many ways to make precision agriculture even more efficient and convenient:

It establishes communication between the terminal and an ISOBUS attachment and visualizes its operation. AUX controls, such as joysticks or toggle switches, can be connected at any time and are freely configurable.
Enables the management of non-ISOBUS-capable implements. By creating machine profiles with associated geometry and setting data, a virtual machine park is created, which relieves you of the time-consuming setting at the start of work.
Is used for the management of master data and arable land indexes, which are extended during processing by job data, such as GNSS position data and counters of connected machines. Application maps, position-dependent target values (rate control), can be automatically transmitted to the machine.
Visualizes field boundaries, processed area, obstacles and records and stores AB tracks and contours. All data can be exported or imported via USB stick from a planning tool or from another terminal. Section control for up to 254 sections is also optional.
Manages the cameras connected to the terminal. Either one camera is connected directly to the terminal or several cameras are connected via a video multiplexer.
It connects the terminal to the tractor control system and provides the user with central information, such as travel speed, PTO speed and the position of the linkages, which is then forwarded to the ISOBUS implement. Multiple tractors can be managed and data is stored in a database.

The PSR ISO TOP advanages

PSR ISO TOP includes all the plus points of the classic PSR steering system and adds a number of benefits for you through the new terminal and panel:apps:

Universal and manufacturer-independent use
GNSS steering and sensor technology in a single system
Interface to the yard PC
Facilitates documentation
panel:apps deliver numerous new features
Practical added value:
Cornerstone of precision agriculture and further development of the farm to Agriculture 4.0

Sensor technology influences successfully

Precision Farming with Reichhardt impresses with the use of a wide range of sensor technology. GNSS signals for virtual satellite positioning and navigation are combined with ultrasound or flexible row sensors for convenient changing of rows. Combined with mechanical row sensors in a smart app, this becomes an innovation. Each sensor is unique and makes its own contribution to success.

With all senses

Application defines accuracy

Wherever there are no other markers in the field, tracking via satellite navigation signals (GNSS) in different accuracies is ideal. If the first operation is carried out with the aid of highly accurate RTK correction data, it is often possible to use it for all subsequent operations.

Plant rows, tramlines, crop edges or embankments, on the other hand, are scanned by ultrasonic sensors (SONIC) and the vehicle is guided along them with maximum accuracy. Ideal applications are in fruit, wine and vegetables, and they are also very popular in organic farming.

Low-wear plastic sensors (TAC), on the other hand, gently and precisely detect plants in closed row crops, such as corn, and steer the vehicle along them with maximum accuracy. Blockage-proof and weather-independent, this sensor performs its function reliably even in storage corn. Corn pickers and corn choppers find their optimal complement here, but also field sprayers can be perfectly retrofitted.

Optionally unique

The sensor options by Reichhardt

PSR SKY Reciever

GNSS presents itself in many accuracies

Learn more
PSR Sonic Sensor

Ultrasound has proven itself in specialty crops

Learn more
PSR TAC von Reichhardt

Flexible row sensors are unbeatave in corn

Learn more
PSR Lenksysteme

Mechanical row guidance always brings you forward

Learn more

PSR SKY optimizes GNSS

Satellite signals for positioning and navigation have been common practice for many years and form the basis for Smart Farming. Their value depends on the available satellite systems, the GNSS receivers used, as well as the operation and use in the vehicle. Reichhardt is an ideal partner in daily use with a coordinated product portfolio.

Accuracy in its diversity

Satellite positioning and navigation

Wherever applications are required for which there are no other markers in the field, tracking via satellite navigation (GNSS) in various accuracies is ideal. In addition, position detection is required for many applications in modern agriculture. The vehicle needs this information for automatic steering or site-specific cultivation of the land. If the very first operation is carried out using highly accurate RTK correction data, it is often possible to use it to carry out all subsequent operations as well. Combination with sensor technology is also possible.

PSR Lenksysteme

Four satellite systems are currently available: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou. Each of these systems operates with around two dozen satellites, which move in precisely defined orbits and ensure worldwide coverage with satellite signals. At least 4 satellites are required for position detection, and 7 satellites when using high-precision RTK correction data. Forest edges, groves of trees, valleys and hills can restrict the satellites’ range, making reliable position detection no longer possible.

You get a higher signal reliability, the more satellites your GNSS receiver can receive. With the RGS 200 and the RGS 700 by Reichhardt you are very well served:

PSR von Reichhardt
GNSS receivers by Reichhardt


RGS 200 – reliable GNSS receiver

RGS 200 by Reichhardt is a GNSS receiver for a track-to-track accuracy of +/- 30 cm. The compact design and the attractive price/performance ratio are ideal for Smart Farming applications, such as automatic section control. The appropriate connection cable is already included in the scope of services. Ideal for use in combination with the ISO-VT T800. The RGS 200 receiver is characterized by a high level of reliability thanks to the use of all common satellite systems.

Receiver Reichhardt
Technical Data:
Receivable satellites: 108
Satellite systems: GPS (L1, L2 & L2C), GLONASS (L1, L2), Galileo (E1, E5b), BeiDou (B1I, B2I), QZSS (L1, L2)
Accuracy: DGPS, +/- 30 cm, Upgradeable to a fee-based correction signal (+/- 5 cm track-to-track accuracy)
Connections: 3 x serial RS-232, 1 x CAN-Bus, 1 x speed signal

RGS 700 – the new receiver generation

RGS 700 by Reichhardt is an RTK receiver for a repeatable accuracy of +/- 2 cm. The compact design and attractive price/performance ratio are ideal for smart farming applications that require high accuracy in real time, such as seeding. The matching connection cable and the 4G modem for cellular transmission are already included in the scope of delivery. The RGS 700 is characterized by the fact that it already supports signals planned for the future and, due to the large number of satellites received simultaneously (> 30), performs even more reliably in difficult situations (e.g. in the event of danger due to shadowing).

Technical Data:
Receivable satellites: 108
Correction format: RTCM3 & RTCM3.2
Satellite systems: GPS (L1, L2, L2C & L5), GLONASS (l1 & L2), Galileo (E1, E5a/b & E5 AltBOC), BeiDou (B1I, B1C, B2I & B2a), QZSS (L1 & L2)
Accuracy: RTK +/- 2 cm, also suitable for Omnistar
Connections: 3 x serial RS-232, 1 x CAN-Bus, 1 x speed signal

PSR SONIC perfects the row

For local positioning, ultrasonic sensors scan scannable structures such as tracks, crop rows, bout markers, embankments, swaths, tramlines, and crop edges, keeping vehicles and implements precisely on track.  Working tools can be brought very close to the plant, mechanical weed control becomes more efficient, which is ideal not only in organic farming.

For vehicle and implement

The bat principle

With a precision of < 3 cm, PSR SONIC is predestined for sowing, planting, harvesting and maintenance in arable and vegetable farming.

Teamplayer with GNSS

In the linked application with PSR SKY, the SONIC local positioning system unfolds its unlimited benefits: The ultrasonic sensors steer in line with centimeter precision, while the satellite receiver takes over the “row counting” for entering the next lane. This offers higher reliability, greater accuracy and even more convenience.

PSR SONIC offers many advantages:
For fertilization and maintenance worl in tramlines and row crops
For special crops in bed and embankment cultivation systems
When sowing and planting
In swath guidance when baling or loadng stalk crops
In viticulture and orcharding
The further development


What is new is that now 4 sensors scan a plant row and a 3D model of the plant row is created. This means that the plants can still be reliably identified even in heavily weeded stands, assuming a slight growth advantage.

Highest precision also in poor visibility

PSR SONIC 200 works independently of plant colors, therefore sun position, shadows or dust have no influence on the performance. You will appreciate the minimal effort in adjustment especially during maintenance measures in seasonal work peaks. Your workload is reduced and even inexperienced operators quickly become familiar with the system.

PSR SONIC von Reichhardt

Improved in closed and wind-broken stands

In closed stands and in advanced growth stages, leaf deflectors have proven their worth in reliably detecting track guidance. Supplemented by an adjustable sensor bracket, PSR SONIC 200 now delivers excellent results right from the start. In addition, PSR SONIC 200 also performs well in stands with wind breakage as the ultrasonic sensors detect the plant stalks and thus the implement remains precisely on track even in such cases.

PSR SONIC Ultraschallsensoren
Awarded in special crops

Smart Farming for vineyard and vegetable production technology

Special circumstances require special solutions and therefore tracking in vineyards to detect the row requires a completely different orientation of the sensor technology. With a special design in cooperation with a well-known manufacturer, an optimal retrofit solution for you as a winemaker could be created here, perfectly adapted to your technology.

While automatic steering systems have long been established in arable farming, the implements used in viticulture and vegetable growing often appear to be too special for smart retrofits. Equipped with the right sensor technology, the universal ISOBUS-compatible PSR ISO automatic steering system by Reichhardt is an ideal tool for more sustainable success, because the use of satellite signals (GNSS) and sensor technology in just one system provides application advantages even in special crops.

PSR Lenksysteme im Weinbau

Concentration on the implement

Especially on long working days or when using complex implements without any restrictions in ergonomics and driving comfort, you will be able to appreciate the support provided by sensor technology. In addition, the use of smart farming options also provides relief in documentation and an extension in the digitalization of the farm.

key features:
PSR SKY: use of GNSS signals for track guidance. Various possible accuracies.
PSR Sonic: track guidance using ultrasound.
Speed: as of 30 m/h (SuperLowSpeed)

Precision farming in vineyards, orchards and fields

Since components from arable farming can be used on the vineyard tractor, in the orchard and vice versa, you do not create a new stand-alone solution, but an intelligent extension of smart applications on the farm is the result.

PSR im Wein

Harvesting and special machines

A further adaptation to special crops is used in harvesting machines. In grape harvesters, in addition to ultrasonic sensors, correction data is read from the harvest basket to navigate the machine precisely and gently over the row.  This innovative solution allows the operator to concentrate fully on the settings even in sloping and uneven terrain.

Traubenernte mit PSR von Reichhardt

The PSR advanages in speciality cultures

With PSR, you create an intelligent extension with smart applications in operation. This creates a number of benefits for you:

Proven modular system using GNSS, ultrasound or combination
Documentation becomes possible
Extremely low speeds are possible
Flexible use in different growth stages, cutting forms and row spacing
Practical added value:
Precision farming functions can be used in special crops
Integration of the vineyard tractor into the precision farming of the farm.

PSR TAC steers patent in corn

In robust row crops such as corn, the synthetic row tracer by Reichhardt has long since won its place and numerous manufacturers worldwide already equip corn pickers and forage harvesters, as well as field sprayers, with it ex works. Low-wear plastic probes unerringly find their way even at higher speeds – with the greatest precision, blockage-proof and gentle on the plants. You too can benefit from this patented innovation by retrofitting your vehicles.

Sensitive. Robust. Precise

Uniquely simple

When the maize stand has reached a growth stage in which the individual rows can no longer be seen from the driver’s cab and the time pressure for crop protection or chopping is already breathing down your neck, the flexible row sensor by Reichhardt shows its uniquely good side. It unerringly finds its way on a bracket in front of the wheels of the field sprayer or mounted directly in the corn bit. Its mode of operation is tolerant of missing parts, and if desired, it can also orient itself exclusively to a row of maize. In any case, work in the cornfield is much easier.

This results in a number of advantages for you:

  • Row width 50 – 80 cm
  • Sufficient stalk strength required
  • Usable e.g. in corn (from flag pushing stage), sunflowers, cotton
  • Can be used as double sensor, single/half row sensor or combined with another TAC sensor.
PSR TAC Produktbild Taster
PSR TAC Anwendung

PSR MEC intervenes gently

Mechanical row sensors are probably among the oldest sensors in automatic steering, are still indispensable in many harvesting machines and are unbeatable in their features. Just think of the large harvesters for root crops. Reichhardt also uses its experience with vehicle-integrated systems to its advantage for retrofits.

Classics rediscovered

Always different

Closed row crops with low plant growth height is one of the criteria where the use of PSR MEC is worthwhile. Lettuce, sugar beets, potatoes – care is paramount here, as the valuable fruits or tender leaves should not be damaged.

PSR MEC in Salat

Do you want to use PSR for your precision agriculture?

Please contact your local Reichhardt sales partner.

Control optional

In order for the signals and impulses from sensors and satellite receivers to have an effect on the vehicle steering via the wheel angle sensor, intervention in the steering wheel or directly on the steering hydraulics is required. Which option you prefer depends on various factors. Reichhardt offers three options to choose from.

The hydraulic retrofit

PSR hBasic

A hydraulic steering system retrofit, where we install a hydraulic steering valve for automatic track guidance, offers the full range of functions and the same precision as a factory pre-equipped vehicle. By using proportional steering valves, you get a high precise control range and the special accuracy that is only possible by directly controlling the steering cylinder. The steering wheel does not turn with it. With 5 valve designs, we support all common hydraulic systems.

This results in a number of advantages for you:

  • High reaction speed
  • Exact precision control range
  • High precision
  • Ideal for very slow and high driving speeds
  • TÜV expert opinion for over 800 vehicles
hydraulic options
Open Center, Reaction
Open Center, Reaction, pressure transmission
Closed Center, Reaction, static LS
Closed Center, Reaction, dynamic LS
Closed Center, Reaction, > 25 l/min oil flow
Reichhardt steering assistants

PSR eBasic

Steering wheel motors take over the steering wheel as assistants by converting the electric steering impulses into a turning movement of the steering wheel.  There is no intervention in the steering hydraulics of the vehicle. Steering assistants are particularly suitable for vehicles that are not used frequently, but where the advantages and comfort of an automatic steering system should not be dispensed with. They can also be used as a changeover system.

RDU 3 Lenkradmotor

A number of advantages arise for you:

  • UsaRetrofittable on almost all vehicles
  • Usable with all Reichhardt steering systems
  • Fast vehicle changeover
  • Compact design
  • High torque
  • Inexpensive entry-level variant
  • Ideal for machgines with few operating hours
Use of the pre-equipped track guidance

PSR iBasic

Many new vehicles already have a pre-equipped track guidance systems ex works. Reichhardt has a defined communication protocol with many manufacturers, via which the steering system accesses the vehicle information and can control the vehicle at the same time. In addition, vehicle control elements, such as activation switches, can be read in and evaluated. This provides the same ease of operation as an integrated manufacturer solution ex works.

This results in a number of advantages for you:

  • High operating comfort
  • Use oft he operating elements in the vehicle
  • Deep integration into the machine
  • Safety concepts oft he vehicle are not influenced
  • No TÜV registration necessary

Do you want to use PSR for your precision agriculture?

Please contact your local Reichhardt sales partner.
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Smart Farming Partner

SLIDE Feldbild

The active automatic attachment control system

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Innovative Smart Farming application that can be used on mobile devices and terminals.

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100 % availability, transparency and service for RTK correction data

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