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SMART AgLIGHT by Reichhardt is an intelligent worklight system. For the first time, the light can be distributed continuously for long-distance and close-range lighting by individually controlling and networking the diffusing lenses of the worklights. Precise, storable light profiles, adapted to equipment combinations and operating conditions, are operated via ISO-VT and mobile terminals.

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More than just worklights

Intelligent worklight system

The light output of modern machines is already at a high level, but this can only be achieved with the aid of a large number of individual headlights. Exclusive equipment variants have their price. Due to the fixed spread field of the individual headlights, their adjustment must be carefully carried out mechanically each time. In addition, the far and near fields must be illuminated with different specific headlights. This means high energy consumption, subject to wear and tear, and susceptibility to faults.

Existing headlights are only very rarely adapted to changing operating conditions, e.g. when implements are changed, due to the high amount of work involved. Targeted and efficient ambient lighting is not possible due to the lack of networking between the vehicle and the implement. This results in unwanted glare and disturbing shadows. Existing retrofit solutions often do not meet the required expectations.

Have you already had this experience? Then you should get to know SMART AgLIGHT now:

SMART AgLIGHT auf Feld in der Nacht

SMART AgLIGHT is an intelligent worklight system. For the first time in the world, the individual control and networking of the worklight lenses ensures optimum illumination of the entire work area at all times.

Individually controlled and networked

Sections of the lens are coated with liquid crystal polymer. These are individually cross-linked and controlled, and therefore provide infinitely variable, targeted bundling or scattering of the light. The change between far-field and near-field lighting is infinitely variable within milliseconds. There is no wear and tear due to complex mechanics.

SMART AgLIGHT am Schlüter

Storable light profiles

This provides exact, storable lighting profiles for all device combinations and operating conditions. State-of-the-art lighting technology also allows continuous adjustment of the light intensity.

Glare-free lighting in the vehicle cluster

By networking the vehicle and implement, work areas can be illuminated in a targeted manner. Wireless M2M communication allows the lighting profiles of several vehicles to be interlinked, thus avoiding direct and indirect glare and optimally illuminating work areas even in a vehicle network.

Smart operation

IS ISOBUS-compatible, operation takes place via an ISO-VT as well as wirelessly via mobile terminals and is thus open for apps and further functionalities.

Bedienung von SMART AgLIGHT auf Tablet

The SMART AgLIGHT advantages

Networking and operation via the ISO VT make SMART AgLIGHT indispensable for device combinations and the use of vehicles in a network. This creates further benefits for you:

Intelligent recognition of the implement via ISOBUS adapts the light field to the machine combination, wireless M2M communication allows the light profiles of several vehicles to be interlinked - direct and indirect glare is avoided and the working areas are perfectly illuminated even in a vehicle network
The storable light profiles guarantee repeatable perfect illumination conditions for recurring tasks, the targeted control of the light elements minimizes shadowing and direct, as well as indirect glare. Eliminates time-consuming manual adjustments, saves time, improves work results and reduces machine downtime and damage
Camera systems for process monitoring and safety in semi-autonomous machines or in field robotics are also supported. In combination with mobile communications, Bluetooth or WiFi, features such as coming-home or wake-up functions via cell phone or tablet are also possible.
The purely electronic control reduces the number of headlights with special diffusing lenses, saves space and minimizes failures due to mechanical wear. Fewer components are needed, machine production costs are reduced and resources are saved.
Continuous adjustment of the spreading disc does not require any additional energy and brings higher performance and concentration in the cab thanks to perfect ambient lighting at all times Better results in all work processes, equipment combinations and in the vehicle network.
Operation is ISOBUS-compatible via an ISO-VT, wireless via mobile terminals and is thus open for apps and further functionalities, existing machines can be retrofitted at any time, state-of-the-art energy-saving lighting technology is used.
Individual light profiles

guarantees perfect visibility

Precise, storable lighting profiles can be recalled at any time for repetitive tasks. Networking of vehicle and implements provides targeted illumination of work areas. The combination of light elements minimizes shadowing and direct and indirect glare.

SMART AgLIGHT von Reichhardt auf Tablet

The adjustment of the desired illumination option is done via the stored profiles and individually by “touching” the markers and moving them in the desired direction.

SMART AgLIGHT auf Tablet rechtsseitig

This means that any number of new lighting profiles can also be created and saved at any time. Wireless M2M communication allows the lighting profiles of several vehicles to be interlinked.

SMART AgLIGHT auf Tablet

Direct and indirect glare can be avoided and work areas can be optimally illuminated, even in a vehicle combination. As can be easily seen from this light profile, the area to the left of the vehicle is dimmed accordingly for a vehicle driving alongside.

Bedienung von SMART AgLIGHT auf Tablet

The light intensity can also be dimmed at any time by “holding down” the marker to define the area and operating the slider in the next step. An application example arises in the vicinity of busy roads: The lighting of the machine facing the traffic is dimmed so that passing cars are not blinded.

SMART AgLIGHT auf Tablet

drives success forward

Smart, individual and ISOBUS-compatible, the new working light system by Reichhardt enriches everyday Farming 4.0

Plus points:
Infinitely adaptable to any work situation and implement combination
Storable light profiles for repeated applications
Purely electronic control for far and near field illumination
Glare-free work even in vehicle combinations
WiFi, Bluetooth and WiFi extend the range of functions with further smart features
ISOBUS compatible, therefore easy to retrofit
Developed and produced in Germany
Practical added value:
Revolutionizes working light in a unique way
State-of-the-art energy-saving lighting technology

The working light system can be retrofitted at any time

SMART AgLIGHT has a compact design and is easy to install on any vehicle and implements. Separate headlights for close-range and long-range lighting are no longer required. The new working light system by Reichhardt can therefore be retrofitted at any time.

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Schlüter mit SMART AgLIGHT Ausstattung
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