Making everyday life better

The task results from the urge to better master everyday work steps. In pioneering work, ideas for something completely new emerge. Making big things happen on a small scale motivates the teams at Reichhardt every day, and in Agriculture 4.0 we seize the opportunity to help shape arable farming in a sustainable and innovative way.

Pioneer in digitization

Bits and bytes as the engine for innovation

Electronic controls and regulators, self-developed and built in the farm’s own workshop on the parental farm, brought relief in the handling of combine harvesters through a fully automatic cutting height control. The student at the Georg-August University in Göttingen experienced the need at home and in numerous internships and tried to improve it with digital possibilities at that time. With an electronic tramline control for the seed drills of the Hassia company in Butzbach, a first customer was found, and the sole proprietorship Andreas Reichhardt was founded.

Partnership from the very beginning

The fact that change requires partners who believe in the cause and who are willing to go along with a new path was already evident at the time and so a connection was formed in the meeting with Hermann Paintner that continues to this day.

The Ringelshausen estate becomes a workplace for digital activities. Former stables are revised and create space for rooms where control cabinets are built, meter-long cables are pulled and innovations are developed in modern infrastructure which completely change everyday life in the field. The self-propelled sugar beet harvesting technology of the HOLMER and ROPA brands is characterized by engineering from Hesse.

Pioneer for Precision Farming

Steering vehicles automatically means relieving the driver of a routine task, while saving resources and improving the result. This is the origin and still the basis for precision farming today. Retrofitting the existing fleet to take advantage of new developments as quickly as possible was the goal from then on at Reichhardt. Based on ultrasonic sensors for track guidance, Reichhardt’s PSR steering system was presented at Agritechnica in 1998 together with John Deere, presented as a German alternative on a field in North Dakota in 2003, supplemented with GPS in 2006 and awarded the DLG silver medal at Agritechnica in 2009 for its connection to ISOBUS. At the same time, Reichhardt’s flexible TAC row sensor conquered the corn choppers and combine harvesters.

RTK CLUE brought not only the silver medal in 2011, but a completely new system and distribution model for providing RTK correction data, which is now trusted by thousands of farmers.

Competitive advantages through innovation

Together with HOLMER, Reichhardt is finally bridging the gap between proven vehicle steering with row guidance and the possibilities opened up by satellite navigation signals in sugar beet harvesting technology. Driver relief, soil conservation, resource savings and increased efficiency are also the sustainable benchmarks here, awarded the DLG silver medal in 2017.

Ahead at the cutting edge

Today, apps, tablets, IoT (Internet of Things) and KI determine our everyday lives. The pursuit of sustainability, the challenges of climate change, social changes and responsibility for tomorrow continue to guide our developments.

1985: Andreas Reichhardt lays the cornerstone with a sole proprietorship for the development, production and sale of electronic switchgear from Hassia, Butzbach and cutting height controls for Claas combine harvesters
1989: Expansion of the production program to include the construction of driver's cabs and complete cable harnesses for sugar beet harvesters by the ROPA company
1990: Development of the first control electronics based on special software and powerful on-board computers for self-propelled sugar beet harvesters
1992: Extension of the production area for cable assembly
1996: Foudation of Reichhardt GmbH Steuerungstechnik
1998: Move into the new company building on the Ringelshausen farm estate - modern equipment and efficient infrastructure in revised agricultural buildings
2004: Expansion of the workshop for the installation of the electronic reverse drive system for John Deere tractors
2005: Extension of the production facilities for the customer-specific assembly of joysticks and central electrics
2006: Foundation of Reichhardt Electronic Innovations, Inc. as a North American sales subsidiary in West Fargo, ND
2013: Certification of the Reichhardt quality management system according to ISO 9001
2014: Reichhardt USA expands and relocates to Sabin, MN
2016: Foundation of Reichhardt Elektronik GmbH
2018: Concentration of the entire production of the Reichhardt Group at the Lautertal-Engelrod site

Awarded for innovations

When we receive a trophy or an award, it fills us with pride and joy. It gives you the benefit of products that stand out from the competition and the incentive to keep doing great things for your benefit.

2018 PSR in viticulture
The universal ISOBUS-compatible automatic steering system, which combines GNSS with sensor technology in one system, proves its qualities also in special crop, especially in viticulture, and is awarded at Intervitis Interfructa Hortitechnica
2017 Smart Turn
The joint development with the company HOLMER Maschinenbau - the smart way to turn enables a fully automatic turning process at the headland with further smart functions for the Terra Dos and is awarded the DLG silver medal.
The RTK correction data service, which delivers great added value at low cost with an innovative cluster solution and the RTK CLUE Manager, is awarded the DLG silver medal.
The ISOBUS-compatible automatic steering system that uses any ISO-VT for operation is awarded the DLG Silver Medal.
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