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Holmer Smart Turn is an integrated software solution including Reichhardt SMART CONTROL for the sugar beet harvester Terra Dos T4. The system allows a fully automatic turning process in the head land including the raising and lowering of the lifting unit as well as the necessary steering manoeuvres. At the same time smart farming fuctions document and visualize important working parameters.

For 30 Years Partner of Industry 

Leading machine manufacturers rely on our competences as a system developer and integrator. Our customers highly value our know-how and collaborating with us.

Sophisticated and customized

We support our OEM partners in the development and implementation of sophisticated, customized electronic solutions in their machines. The partnerships, which grow through collaborated projects are normally longterm-oriented and create innovative, comfortably in use and economic producer goods for end users.

The realized projects offer an overview of the functionalities, which our team enabled and show components, which we produce and deliver for series production at the machine manufacturer.

On the following sites you can learn more about what we do so modern, powerful and efficient machines can move.

One Step ahead – for 30 Years

The ISO FLEX MODULE developed by Reichhardt is an example for added value created through integration with the ISOBUS. The result is competitive solution for the manufacturer.

The ISO FLEX MODULE enables the integration of various devices for controlling vehicles and implements including the benefits of a complete ISO VT. In addition, programmable ISOBUS joysticks and cable harnesses are available. The functional safety of vehicles and equipment is not affected.

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