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News DLG Fielddays 2014

Hungen, 19th of May 2014 

Reichhardt extend range of auto-steering systems by implement steering

Hungen: The new PSR SLIDE by Reichhardt is a sliding frame for steering implements automatically with high accuracy. The automatic implement steering is either performed via RTK correction signals or ultrasonic. While the RTK option especially stands out e.g. in the case of placing dams, the ultrasonic sensors are keeping the implement precisely on track by scanning dams or row crops. PSR SLIDE steers the implement with an accuracy below 5 cm by the aid of its hydraulic side shift. Automatic implement steering and the automatic steering of tractors – of course with the highest accuracy provided by RTK CLUE – will be presented by Reichhardt at the DLG-Fielddays 2014 in Bernburg-Strenzfeld (GER) at the machine demonstration and at the booth MB09.

To achieve highest accuracy vehicles and implements need a GPS steering system which is able to receive RTK correction signals provided by stationary RTK bases. RTK CLUE links single RTK bases to a cluster. Thus the reach of the RTK correction signal can be adjusted to the individual needs of users and operators - This is the key to cost-efficient RTK correction signals by Reichhardt. Numerous advantages resulting from the usage of high-precise automatic steering systems, such as savings in fuel, fertilizers and pesticides, the ability to use automatic section control or securing and increasing yields while conserving the resources, can now be introduced to a huge number of farms.

Nevertheless implements do not always follow the tractors track especially in hilly terrains. This problem can be easily solved by the PSR SLIDE mounted between tractor and implement. Its hydraulic side shift evens out the drift and the implement stays on track precisely. In particular while performing special cultivation work in rows, the automatic steering with ultrasonic
sensors has proven its effectiveness. At Reichhardt’s, this method is already well known as PSR SONIC for the automatic vehicle steering. If choosing a GPS-based steering system, for instance for firstly setting up asparagus ridges on the field, the PSR SLIDE RTK is recommended.

Reichhardt is known as a specialist for automatic steering with the aid of GPS and sensors. Its steering systems are ISOBUS compatible and independently applicable with all vehicle brands. Therefore a variety of prefabricated platform kits is offered for a wide range of preliminary set up and nonpreliminary set up tractors, combines and self-propelled forage harvesters.

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