Together with CrossControl

New range of highly versatile ISOBUS terminals

The new SMART COMMAND terminal range will include standard offerings with a full range of ISOBUS features, such as Universal Terminal, Task Controller, Section Control as well as Variable Rate control.
The feature set also includes Reichhardt’s AEF-certified autosteering solution as an option and the platform supports integrating additional customer specific features.


Reichhardt GmbH Steuerungstechnik, a pioneer in precision farming and ISOBUS automation solutions, are launching a full range of terminals with a wide set of ISOBUS features. The new terminals are based on display products from CrossControl, a leading supplier of display & on-board computing platforms for Off-Highway machinery.

“The CrossControl product platform is ideally suited as a base for our SMART COMMAND terminal offering. “The collaboration with CrossControl is very effective. My team can focus on system functionality and don’t need to worry about hardware aspects. Together with CrossControl we form a trustworthy and solid source for ISOBUS and Smart farming terminals in the agricultural community.”

Andreas Reichhardt, owner and chairman of Reichhardt GmbH Steuerungstechnik


“In this collaboration we have been impressed by Reichhardt’s deep understanding of practical field work and passion for the farmers reality. It is very exciting to see this knowledge packaged into the new terminal range.

The innovative technologies and solutions are now being introduced into operational practice and offered to other interested cooperation partners.

I think that the open platform approach and the new independent source of terminals that is manifested in the SmartCommand terminal range addresses some key limitations found in earlier terminal offerings in the industry”.

Mats Kjellberg, Market Development Director at CrossControl,

The SMART COMMAND terminal range is based on the CrossControl product platform with display sizes 7”, 10” and 12”.

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This product platform is characterized by high graphics performance, achieved by fully leveraging the hardware acceleration resources available in the i.MX 8X family of application processors. In the SMART COMMAND terminals, this translates to a very responsive user interface.

A unique feature with the SMART COMMAND terminal range is the option for OEM and System Suppliers to freely deploy additional, non-ISOBUS, functionality to a terminal, for example video monitoring, instrumentation, vehicle settings, or e-manuals. This functionality is realized based on the CrossControl open software platform, which supports a variety of toolchains including Qt, CODESYS or HTML5.

Both the Reichhardt ISOBUS software platform and the CrossControl product platform are proven in use individually and now come together to create an integrated, full range of terminals. Due to the unique combination of both technology platforms, the speed of innovation will be significantly accelerated.

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