Reichhardt GmbH Steuerungstechnik

New shareholder in BHTronik GmbH

A larger portfolio of innovative products as well as advantages from the mutual network and know-how are the driving force behind the recent corporate participation. Together, the two companies have already launched SMART AgLIGHT, the intelligent working light system, which is the only innovation of its kind in the world.


“With the specialists at BHTronik GmbH, we can now implement our ideas even better and provide them to our OEM customers. In addition, there are already very interesting products that complement our portfolio in a highly attractive way, But it is also very important to me to be on the same wavelength personally. Only those who tick similarly can also be successful together. And for this reason alone, I am delighted about this new connection”.
Andreas Reichhardt, managing partner of Reichhardt GmbH Steuerungstechnik

„The closer integration of the two companies will result in new sales channels and applications for our products. Customers will benefit from the wide range of products offered by the two companies. From customer-specific hardware to application software, everything can come from a single source.“
Christian Baumer, managing partner of BHTronik

„By bundling expertise, both companies and also customers benefit from years of experience. Now it is possible to implement customer projects even more efficiently and quickly. An individual package can be put together for each customer. Our claim: “Reliability and a long service life are of course included.”
Thomas Hanauer, managing partner of BHTronik

The two managing directors of BHTronik GmbH, Christian Baumer and Thomas Hanauer, will continue to manage the business in the new partnership.

Bild der Geschäftsführer von Reichhardt und BHTronik
Reichhardt acquires shares in BHTronik GmbH: From left to right: Andreas Reichhardt, managing partner of Reichhardt GmbH Steuerungstechnik, Thomas Hanauer and Christian Baumer, both managing partners of BHTronik GmbH.
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