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Installation options for PSR Guidance Systems

Agricultural enterprises differ from one another by their individual requirements for an automatic steering system and in general their vehicle's equipment and we do take this into consideration. Consequently we offer a variety of prefabricated platform kits for a wide choice of agricultural machines.
And even if your vehicle is not yet in our list for platform kits, we can provide you with the suitable solution.

PSR Platform Kits – Plug & Go for many agricultural machines


The guidance is performed via ISOBUS which works with vehicles which are already set up for ISOBUS-steering. This installation variation represents the easiest one (Plug & Go) which also is very cost effective
Learn more about PSR ISO

PSR hBasic

In this case a hydraulic connection is performed which is possible for all kinds of hydraulic systems (constant oil pump and Load Sensing).  An even more economical investment. as the main components of the PSR steering system can be easily swapped between several vehicles, is to prefabricate more then one of your vehicles with PSR hBasic in order to use one steering system for multiple vehicles. One advantage compared to using an steering assistant on the steering wheel lays in its quick response time especially at speeds beyond 12 km/h. The wheel angle sensor is included when choosing PSR hBasic. Underlining its quality there are TÜV sample certificates for more than 400 vehicles for PSR ISO.

PSR eBasic

An electric steering motor on the steering wheel serves as a steering assistant. We recommend the usage of the optional wheel angle sensor. In case you want use already owned steering assistants we can provide you with the needed cabling.

Steering Wheel Motor RDU2

The RDU2 is the new ISOBUS compatible steering assistant. A universal or vehicle-specific bracket is mounted onto the steering column, An easy to use closing mechanism attaches the steering motor securely to the steering wheel.

Steering Assistant RDU


Reichhardt's RDU convinces in practise due to its slim design and its large swing angle. It is conveniently usable with one hand, very quiet in operation and quickly swapped from one vehicle to another one.

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