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The Reichhardt PSR ISO & PSR ADVANCED differ from other automatic steering systems in the unique way they can use satellite signals and sensors, such as ultrasound or tactile sensors, to steer the vehicle or  implement. The system has a universal design and fits almost every vehicle. The integration of third-party components, such as GNSS receivers, spares new acquisitions. As older vehicles can also be upgraded, they too can be integrated into the requirements of Agriculture 4.0. While PSR ISO can be operated via any ISO-VT, PSR ADVANCED convinces with its own terminal, which offers many possibilities via the free circuit of numerous panel:apps:

panel:app UT
Establishes the communication between the terminal and an ISO-BUS implement and visualizes its operation. AUX controls, such as joysticks or rocker switches, can be connected at any time and are freely configurable.

panel:app Layout
Ensures the presentation of the applications. Thus, two camera images or the data from front and rear mounted implements can be displayed simultaneously. Layouts can be created in a user-friendly way and adapted flexibly to the respective situation.

panel:app TC
Used to manage master data and field record files, which are enhanced with job data, such as GNSS position data and counters of connected machines. Application cards, position-dependent setpoints (rate control), can be transmitted automatically to the machine.

panel:app Precision
Visualizes field borders, machined surfaces, obstacles and captures and stores AB tracks and contours. All data can be exported or imported via USB stick from a planning tool or from another terminal. Optional Section Control is also possible for up to 254 sections.

panel:app Cam-Bas
Manages the cameras connected to the terminal. Either a camera is connected directly to the terminal or several cameras are connected via a video multiplexer.

panel:app TECU
Connects the terminal to the tractor controlling and provides the user with key information such as ground speed, PTO shaft speed and the position of the hitch, which are then forwarded to the ISOBUS implement. The sensors which collect this data are also configured here. Several tractors can be managed and the data stored in a database.

Advantages with sensors – One unique system

Wherever applications are required that have no other markers in the field, guidance via satellite navigation signals (GNSS), in varying degrees of accuracy, is ideal. If the very first operation is already carried out with the aid of highly accurate RTK correction data, it is often possible to carry out all subsequent work with it as well. Furthermore, the combination with sensors is possible. With the new generation of receivers, in addition to GPS and GLONASS, all civil signals such as Galileo, BeiDou and QZSS, as well as the new frequency bands L2C and L5 can be used. Highest precision is provided by the Reichhardt correction data service RTK CLUE (

PSR TAC –  Guidance with flexible  synthetic tactil sensors
Low-wear synthetic tactile sensors gently and precisely grasp plants in closed row cultivations (e.g. corn) and steer the vehicle with the utmost precision. Blockage-proof and weather-independent, PSR TAC reliably fulfills its function even with fallen corn. Corn pickers and corn shredders find their optimal supplement
here. Even field sprayers can be retrofitted perfectly.

PSR SONIC –  Guidance with ultrasonic
Plant rows, tramlines, edge ridges or dams are detected by ultrasonic sensors and the vehicle is guided along with maximum accuracy. They are also used in viticulture and fruit growing. Since implements can be brought very close to the plant population, guidance via sensors also has great resonance in organic farming.


EXPERTS succed here.

PSR steering systems by Reichhardt for vehicles and implements were among the first retrofit solutions in the market, regardless of the vehicle or equipment brand. They score with their universal design and are unique in the use of GNSS signals and sensors, such as ultrasound and flexible tactile sensors, in a single system. The integration of GNSS receivers from third-party manufacturers and ISO-VT of all brands allow for costeffective use.

PSR has been proven and works
PSR ISO is the automatic steering system that farmers have trusted for many years. It forms the basis for Precision Farming and thus for Agriculture 4.0. In farming, as well as in special crops such as viticulture and fruit growing, but also in strawberry, asparagus and vegetable growing in general, it has proven itself and taken its place in the agricultural business. The sensor option PSR SONIC is indispensable, especially in
organic farming. The PSR TAC flexible tactile sensor is already elivered ex works by well-known manufacturers on corn harvesters world-wide.

The next generation is in the field
PSR ADVANCED is the new advanced generation of the PSR steering system, which, due to its own terminal ISOBUS features and panel:apps, provides a larger scope of performance than a conventional ISO-VT. The Schlüter tractor Super 1500 TVL became the symbol of Reichhardt for sustainability through retrofitting. There are TÜV sample reports for more than 1000 vehicles. Even a 40-year-old vintage tractor can be used for Smart Farming applications and integrated into the next generation Agriculture 4.0. Reichhardt specializes in centimeter perfect performance on every field. „Retrofit“ becomes „futurefit“. The ISOBUS components, RTK CLUE (, the independent automatic implement steering system PSR SLIDE, independent of the tractor, and further innovations in digital agriculture, combined with a reliable, personal customer service are what make Reichhardt the preferred Smart Farming partner. Smart retrofits often avoid expensive investments in new machines.


The advantages

  • Universal and usable across all manufacturers
  • Interface to the farm computer
  • Simplifies documentation
  • panel:apps offer numerous new features
  • GNSS guidance and sensors in a single system

Practical benefits
Foundation for precision agriculture and further development of the farm for Agriculture 4.0.



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