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Production, Electronics and Assembly

The customized production of cable harnesses and electronic components are an essential part of our service portfolio for OEM partners. We deliver your single-source system solution. Our products enter series production as a complete package. The batch volume is uniquely adapted to your industry and demand. Prototypes can be built on short notice.

Production Planning

  • E³.Schematic – Creation of circuit diagrams
  • E³.Cable – Creation of cable  layout
  • E³.Formboard –  Preparatopm of harness boards/nail boards
  • Geomagic Design – 3D CAD draftings

Switchboard Construction and Cable Production

  • Fully automatic cable assembly
  • Twisting
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Semi-automatic or manual cable and connector assembly
  • Pulling of cable harnesses with quick set up cable boards
  • Cable protection

Electronics Assembly

  • ESD compliant work stations
  • Assembly
  • Soldering
  • Mounting
  • Lacquer
  • Encapsulation with 2K dispensing system
  • Software configuration
  • Calibration
  • Climatic test
  • Functionality testing

Quality Assurance & Testing Technology 

  • Computer-based low voltage wire testing 
  • Connectivity testing
  • short circuit testing
  • Component testing
  • Functionality testing

Proven in construction machinery, agricultural engineering, vehicle- and municipal technology.

SMT and THT – Modern production, particular also for prototypes and small series

In our SMT production (Surface-mounting Technology) we process modules from 0,4 mm x 0,2 mm (01005) to 99 mm x 99 mm. Our maximum workable circuit board size in the SMT production is 1610 mm x 460 mm. Setup changes are performed quickly and flexibly with optimisation strategies in the hardware and software area.

We assemble modules in our THT production on semi-automatic machines. Just like in the SMT production, processes can be performed leaded as well as according to the RoHS Directive.

Aside the production with the latest production lines, also single copies can be assembled by hand.

In case of hard-wearing connections, we work with press-in technology. In this way they are particularly rough and fail-safe, which is especially important in the area of high frequency and heavy-current technology. Here the circuit boards will not get loaded thermally. Consequently the production of gas-tight connections, without screwing, reviting or soldering, is thereby possible.

Module cleaning and painting – automatically and evenly

The protective coating guards the module from corrosion and mechanic damages, furthermore, also it provides an improved electric insulation.

Even complex, largesized modules with hard-to-access areas can be perfectly painted in just a few steps without the supply of additional data. We gladly support and consult you during the development of a paintable design and during the selection of a paint system. In addition we offer to automatically clean the modules upon customer request. Thus, even smallest impurities and residues of flux are removed from the modules.

AOI – Automated optical inspection

Depending on product and application we perform different test procedures:

  • Incircuit testing without adapters on flying probe test systems
  • Functionality testing according to your requirements with provided testing devices or specially designed inhouse testers
  • High-voltage test, measurement of insulation resistances and leakage currents
  • Wiring and connection tests of cable harnesses and  backplanes
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